Can I build some curves without losing my small waist and how?

by Christina J.
(Ann Arbor MI USA )

I've lost weight since taken.

I've lost weight since taken.

I am technically underweight, I have always had trouble gaining weight and keeping it on, not as much as right now though. My body type is a rectangle I believe, I'm 32-24-32, though when I do gain weight it goes to my bust and not my hips or butt. I haven't really exercised since my teens nor have I worried about my eating habits much so I'm having a lot of trouble finding and sticking to a fitness and diet routine. Most exercise routines center around fat burning or toning rather than gaining muscle or weight at all. My diet and exercise resources are limited as well so that is making getting healthy that much more difficult. I do have weights at home I can use, not much else and no gym access. I would like to tone up and eventually work on building some mass on my buttocks and hips if possible. It's hard to find info on gaining weight for a woman and men's programs are too much. My appetite is small so I have to get up to being able to eat larger meals and supplements at the same time. I'm tired of looking frail and skeletal without meaning to, please help.

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Jul 10, 2013
curves for rectangle body types
by: monica

Hi Christina

Thanks so much for posting your question. The beauty of fitness is that any realistic goal can be achieved as long as you focus on training that is right for your body.

I have personally worked with a handful of women who actually wanted to gain weight for a variety of reasons including sports, work, self defense, etc. One of my favorite clients that I worked with for a while was in her late 20's and weighed about 97 lb when she started with me. Like you she felt weak and frail and her appetite was not very good but once we got started with strength training she gained about 10 lb (most of it on her lower body none on her waist) and she felt healthier stronger and confident about her body too.

A great way to train if you need to gain lean muscle is to work supersets which is 2 exercises back to back then rest then repeat two more times. Use as much weight as your body can handle for about 10-12 reps on each move then once you complete that superset move on to an upper body circuit and do two rounds of that then go back to another lower body superset or circuit for 3 rounds. So your workout could look like this:

3 supersets at 10-15 reps each exercise using weight if possible (I have 10 lb sandbell on my shoulder but you could use any weight you have)

2-3 supersets of 2-3 exercises like the ones in the more sexy butt video about 10-15 reps each exercise

This is just an example of one way you can train 3 times a week to build strength and lean muscle while still maintaining a small waist. You could even use exercises from other butt toning circuits featured here on the site to add some volume to your hips and booty.

The key thing is to work at a much slower tempo with more weight and maybe aim for more reps. The more you work a muscle the more it grows so in your case more weight more reps and more time spent working a body part is a good thing.

The rest of the week you could do upper body work or cardio to increase your endurance for strength training the lower body harder or do any other workouts you enjoy. Also don't stress about the eating. When you start training harder your appetite will adjust to meet the demand on it's own. Never force feed your body but do try to make healthy food choices.

If you need a detailed plan my Love Your Booty plan explains more about how to adjust training variables for your unique body and goals.

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