cabaret vs burlesque big booty twerkout tips vlogtober 15th

by monica

Welcome to vlogtober day 15th. Today's vlog includes how I setup and get ready to film a workout video along with cabaret dance fitness class rehearsal and a big booty twerkout that will make your booty hurt in a good way.

What's your routine when you're getting ready to workout? For me it usually involves getting some light in the room, playing some good music, plus a bit of cleaning up of the room where I'll be exercising so I don't get distracted by chores or clutter.

Some days that also means forcing my dog off the futon that has now become his second bed and down to the kitchen to wait behind bars (doggie door). I typically also have a quick chat with my teenage son and I dance around while getting all my fitness gear out.

After all that which can take up to 15 min. I get dressed and do a 7 min. mobility warmup (not in video) then I rehearse cabaret dance class routines or burlesque acts to warmup more. I used to do my dancing at the end of a workout but that was no longer working for a variety of reasons so I started doing it before my workout and it's helped me train more efficiently and effectively too.

After I dance I do a few functional fitness moves to prep the exercises I'll be doing followed by 3-5 rounds of whatever circuit or circuits I'm doing. On days like yesterday one circuit was enough on other days I pack 3-4 circuits into my workout for the day. Those are the days I don't dance or mess around with hula hoops and other shenanigans.

I find that being really flexible about how I train and what I do before and after my workouts keeps my routine from getting boring and predictable and keeps my happy which is something that many people in fitness don't value very much. I believe that your fitness routine should be challenging but also super fun and for me twerking and being silly during some of my workouts makes exercise super fun.

The actual big booty twerkout in the vlogtober 15th video starts 4 min. and 25 sec. in and can be done up to 4 times. The warmup moves should only be one round. You should also stretch for at least 10 min. afterwards to prevent excessive soreness. I wanted to film that too but my camera died and the video was already too long anyway.

Got questions about this video or vlogtober 2015. Ask me below. You can also share what your routine is like and what helps you make exercise fun! P.S. vlogtober not the same as vlogmas which I am also doing but more on that in Dec.

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