cabaret sexy dance workout warmup to express burlesque

by monica

Cabaret dance fitness is one of the best ways to burn calories without losing your feminine curves. It's also a quick and fun way to warmup before lower body circuits, corset core circuits or total body workouts and longer cardio sessions.

In the video here I shared a quick and fun cabaret dance fitness warmup that is easy to learn and follow. I filmed two versions and narrated the one in dance fitness shoes then followed it up with the non-narrated version in heels. You can go through this once for a quick 4 min. warmup or go through it twice for a slightly longer warmup.

The women in my cabaret dance fitness routine that will be learning these routines will most likely think this is super challenging and complicated but since you are a ybff fitness plan follower to you it will just feel like a fun easy warmup :)

I do have a really fun cabaret chair dance routine coming very soon that is really challenging and works your core and booty hard plus looks super sexy. I'll be posting that right after Thanksgiving so be sure to take it easy with the Turkey day treats if you want to feel sexy doing it :)

Also the burlesque performance footage at the beginning of the video is from our September 2015 show. I haven't performed or rehearsed this act since then so really glad I finally got my costume out and practiced before Thursday's show.

Got questions about this cabaret dance fitness warmup or about burlesque dance or performance? Just post it in the comments.

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