Best Butt Toning Exercises, Booty Workouts Tips and Butt Makeover Workouts

All the best butt toning exercises for women who want to firm, lift and tone the butt require little to no equipment, are time efficient, simple, and totally fun. All you have to do to get started with your bootylicious butt makeover is follow the booty workout tips and videos below.

Focus on Butt Toning Exercises That Build or Maintain Lean Muscle Mass

Getting a round toned butt requires that you burn excess fat AND maintain or build enough lean muscle mass in the right areas without bulking up your thighs.

The best way to accomplish this is with very deep lunges like the ones in the butt toning exercises video here.

The four exercises you see in the video are more effective for butt firming, butt lifting and reshaping the booty than hours of butt isolation moves, butt machines, or other lower body equipment.  

Stick with Dynamic Fat Burning Butt Toning Exercises and Workouts

The smart way to get a bootylicious booty is to target the booty from various angles with a variety of dynamic butt exercises that also burn fat.

Instead of spending hours doing cardio followed by tons of butt isolation moves be sure to stick with dynamic butt exercises that blast fat and target the butt from multiple angles in under 20 minutes.

The dynamic butt toning exercise in the video here is a great example of how simple it is to get better results from your booty workout time.   

Workout for Your Body Type & Your Booty Type

The key to a faster butt makeover is to customize your workout plan to your body type and your booty type.

If you're a cone or ruler you'll need to focus more on building or maintaining lean mass while shrinking your waist.

If you're a triangle or hourglass you'll need to focus more on fatloss, firming, lifting and slimming the hips instead of building more butt muscle on your backside.

Remember that working out for your booty type is a smarter more time efficient way to get results fast.  Click the link for more booty type exercises and tips.

Here's A Few More Butt Toning Workout Tips That Work!

  1. Do your best to exercise with excellent form and good workout technique. Doing it better matters more than doing more.
  2. Focus on getting your best body and not somebody else's body.
  3. Work hard to burn the fat, flatten your abs and shrink your core to make your butt look nicer.
  4. Lose back fat and focus on arm toning exercises that burn arm fat to make your upper body smaller and your butt look bigger.
  5. Kick butt and train at the right exercise intensity every time you workout.

Need help with your butt makeover?  Get started with Love Your Booty fitness plan, a 6-8 week workout plan that you can customize to your body type for your best butt ever fast!  It includes all the best butt exercises and circuits plus a booty type workout schedule.