Sexy legs butt lift workout tips options and more in this quick circuit with just bodyweight

If you need a quick effective butt lift workout that also sculpts lean toned sexy legs and improves lower body strength and endurance then you'll love this super quick circuit I filmed at the Sydney hotel with just bodyweight.  This video may be short but I shared tons of tips to get the most out of any bodyweight moves for any body part.  There's also more circuit workout options and tips below...

sexy legs butt lift workout options

There are many ways you can do the circuit in my quick bodyweight video.  The way I showed in the video repeating the 3 main exercises and 2 stretches 5 times without rest is one way.  You can try these options:

option 2:  add a hop to the bulgarian squat and do tabatas on each leg of that exercise then move on to the other 3 moves plus 2 stretches featured in the video for 4-5 rounds without rest between rounds

option 3:  superset bulgarian lunge with hop and figure 4 squat for 4 rounds and use the 2 stretches as recovery between rounds then superset the garland balance squat and knee raise hip extension leg extension for 4 rounds no rest between rounds then finish up with one last round of the 2 stretches.

option 4:  do all 4 moves as a circuit no rest between circuits for 4 rounds then spend 1 min. on each stretch per  side to finish up quicker than the other options.

take the sexy legs butt lift workout to the next level...

Got more time and more equipment options?  There are so many ways to make this workout about 100X harder including:

  • add dumbbell to the lunge and squat moves
  • add ankle weights to the ballet combo move
  • add upper body moves such as curls presses to any moves
  • add balance discs to the garland move
  • add thera band pulls to the lunge  

You can also combine this circuit with the quick core booty circuit as I suggested in the most recent ybff newsletter.  Not subscribed yet?  Be sure to subscribe for tons more tips and access to subscriber only content.

Need more tips to make this work for your unique body shape and booty shape?

Be sure to refer to the booty shape blueprint guide and the variables guide in Love Your Booty plan for more specific information that can help you customize your reps sets weight tempo and tons of other factors that make a huge difference in how your body responds to any sexy legs butt lift workout circuit!