3 Killer Butt Firming Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat & Makeover Your Butt + Six Body Makeover Tips

One of the top concerns for women who visit our site is how to lose thigh fat and get a firm toned butt that's curvy and sexy without bulking up the thighs (huge issue for many women).  This is the #1 issue that our visitors are struggling with right now but the great news is that the solutions are simple and they work for every body type.  Get started with exercises and tips below.

Killer Butt Firming Exercises

Getting your best butt ever requires a combination of exercises that build or maintain lean muscle, burn fat, and lengthen and strengthen your glutes.  The more glute activation you can achieve during a workout the better results you will get from all your butt firming exercises.

The exercises featured in the video here do all that and so much more. (work core, arms, and build endurance too).  They're from Love Your Booty: Best Butt Workout plan an 8 week workout plan that you can customize to your body and booty type for your best butt ever.

Butt Makeover Tips & Body Makeover Challenge week 1

Below are simple tips that will help you makeover your butt and your body faster.  If you are serious about getting results from your workouts you can use these tips as a week one challenge. 

Just follow as many of the tips as often as you can for 1 week then continue with more tips from the six week body makeover challenge for even better results.

1.  Eat more greens whether it's green superfoods smoothies or healthy salads or cooked veggies.  When you shift from a higher protein and/or higher starchy carb intake to a higher veggie/fruit intake your body start losing fat like crazy!  Just try it for a week and see for yourself.

2.  Drink more water all day every day.  It helps your body metabolize stored fat and get better results from all your butt firming exercises.

3.  Stretch between circuits and after workouts to prevent tight sore muscles and to correct posture imbalances that can make you appear bulkier and heavier than you really are.

4.  Do one non fitness/diet thing that is good for your body every day for one week.  My thing this week is no heels whatsoever.  My posture is going to benefit from this big time so my glutes will be working the way they are supposed to during butt firming exercises which means results faster.

5.  Get more sleep.  The holidays and vacations are always  brutal for us (late nights, alcohol calories and foods we don't usually eat) and I can see the effects on my face and feel it in my energy levels so my goal is to get more sleep all week and all month.  Remember that your butt firming exercises can only work when you are getting the recovery you need at night.

 Use the best supplements if you need them to boost your vitamins, minerals and greens intake.  I use Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder and Emergen-C electrolytes in my smoothies plus take Source Naturals Wellness Formula to keep my body healthy and my metabolism high.

Bonus Tip:  Detox your body (especially after the holidays or a vacation)with healthy foods and healthy drinks.  I'm drinking tons of grapefruit juice all week (from our tree) and following The Anti-Estrogenic Diet all week to get back on track with super clean eating.  Use any detox strategy that works for you.