Burn Fat While You Sleep & Get Your Best Body Ever Faster This Year

If you think the best way to burn fat is to exercise in the mythical fat burning zone for one hour a day then get ready to rejoice because fat burning workouts are only a catalyst for fatloss.  

It's what happens AFTER a workout that makes all the difference in how fast and how much fat weight you lose.  The trick to speed up metabolism and get your body to burn fat while you sleep is metabolic conditioning which can be achieved with 3 simple strategies.

Burn Fat While You Sleep with Metabolic Eating & Metabolism Optimizing

Metabolic Eating - The concept of metabolic typing has been around for a few years but is now becoming THE smarter way to speed up metabolism to lose weight and fat. 

The reality is that everybody has a very unique body and some bodies respond better to low carb while others respond better to high carb and some need a more balanced approach. 

The trick to metabolic eating is identifying your metabolic type now and then again once your body becomes healthier.  Not only does this boost your daily fat burn it makes staying lean for life virtually effortless.  Already know your metabolic type?  Get started with metabolic eating.

*In this quick video holistic health expert Paul Chek explains the basics of metabolic eating.

Metabolic Optimizing - Some of the best metabolic optimizing strategies are the easiest including getting more sleep, getting more vitamin D, correct posture exercises, breathing exercises for stress, adequate water intake, stress management exercises and hormonal balance and other healthy behaviors that boost fat burning hormones.  Some of these strategies are so simple yet often overlooked but they are just as important as diet and exercise. 

Remember that the body is as a complex system that requires that ALL its micro-systems function at optimum for 24/7 fat burning.  Check out Dr. Mercola's video here for great tips to get more quality sleep for better recovery and increased fatloss.

Burn Fat While You Sleep with Metabolic Training

Metabolic Workouts - Metabolic training also known as metabolic conditioning, metcon or metabolic effect is simply a form of exercise that has a high recovery demand, meaning your body has to work just as hard during the recovery phase as it does during the workout. 

This speeds up metabolism and fat burning which means faster fatloss, weight loss and fitness.  In the pic here you can see examples of exericses from metcon workouts like the ones from my fatloss plan bodycon female fitness.

Thehe secret to getting results with metabolic training is to combine metabolic exercises into various types of interval protocols that progressively challenge your body in a fun and safe way. 

This way your body continuously improves and doesn't hit the dreaded fatloss or training plateau that is so common in most other fatloss plans.  Bodycon Fitness plan offers over a dozen interval protocols like Tabatas, AMRAP,  TUT so your body never hits that adaptation response even after you get fit which is key to maintaining your burn fat results easily and forever!