9 ways to add intense interval training to your workouts to burn fat keep curves

One of the best ways to burn fat keep curves or maintain bodyfat and build curves is to add just 4-8 minutes of intense interval training to a few of your workouts each week.   Below are 9 simple inexpensive ways to do this listed in order from least to most complex along with interval workout tips to help you get the lean curvy body shape you want from your time spent training. 

best burn fat keep curves exercises for beginners

Swings are super fun move was recently featured in vlogtober 17th video here and is the least complex of all because it's the basic squat movement pattern combined with some intense core and glute activation.  It can be done with dumbbells, sandbells, clubbells, monster ropes and of course kettlebells.  The best thing about this move is that it can replace any squat in your routine which is great on days when you need to add some intensity to a slower paced circuit.

Outdoor hill sprints are great on days when you want to take your booty or leg workout to the next level or on cardio days that need an intensity upgrade.  They are similar to stair sprints but with less chance of tripping so if you're not super coordinated on stairs you'll feel more secure running up a steep hill.  Check out my vlogtober 18th video here for more hill sprint tips and other fun stuff. Need more burn fat keep curves moves?  Be sure to get bodycon fitness plan which includes dozens of fatloss exercises for a lean toned curvy body.

X bands jumps may look easy but they are one of the best ways to train your booty and core while burning fat and calories.  The squat jump is the basic move to get started with but once you get that down you can try some lateral leaps, booty band jacks, squat to single leg hop or multi directional hops.   Check out my X bands article for more exercises and reviews.

burn fat keep curves moves that require more coordination

Stair sprints like outdoor hill sprints are amazing for butt building and fat burning but they require a bit more coordination and can be painful if you trip and fall so be careful.  You can do stair sprints indoors in your home or in a building with tons of stairs.  You can also do them at a stadium or a building with a non slippery outdoor stairway.  How to in my outdoors stair workout video and article.

Chair jumps are incredibly dymamic and can be done various ways that are high impact, low impact or no impact.  If you already have some chair step ups or chair single leg lunges in your routine adding some jumps or hops to intensify your circuits is easy and doesn't take much time.  More on how to use a chair to get sexy curves here.

Rope skipping has been around forever and has morphed from kid play to boxing to competitive sport to punk rock workout.  It requires some coordination and no joint issues and is an amazing way to finish up any circuit for extra fat burning.  If you do it after a upper body workout a rope will help sculpt tigher more toned arms while burning the fat.  Jump rope training is ideal for anybody wanting to build more upper body to balance a generous bottom.  

killer burn fat keep curves moves for the super advanced

Sandbell slams are more complex moves that really work your butt and your deep abdominals hard.  They also target your arms back and legs and requires a lot of coordination as well as strength balance agility and endurance.  If you're a beginner be sure to work your way up to these.  If you're intermediate to advanced be sure to always train more intense sandbell slams before your core or glutes are fatigued to prevent injuries.  If your core and back have a tendency to bulk be sure to keep this to a minimum.

Rolling ropes like slams these are much more complex and probably not the best fit for body types that tend to bulk up top but a fantastic way to strengthen core and tone upper body while burning tons of fat and calories.  One thing that helps a lot with coordination is rolling to rhythmic music like I was doing in video here.

Straps cardio is not one of the most popular ways to do cardio but personal trainers love it which is why this older video was one of the most popular ones I ever uploaded.  The reason straps are so awesome for cardio is they can target any area you desire so you sculpt curves and burn the fat simultaneously.  Check out straps moves for booty building and fat burning here.