4 awesome burn fat exercises & unusual metcon option

If you love corset core training and booty circuits and sexy dancing but often feel not so excited about metcon workouts (like I do) then you are going to love these exercises and this unusual way of combining them into a killer metcon circuit that helps your body burn fat faster.   Burning fat CAN be fun if you're willing to random speed play and get inspired by sexy dancing...

burn fat exercises + random speed play intervals = fun metcon

This is a very different style of training that is based on Fartlek training which is a funny sounding Swedish word that means speed play.  Fartlek combines continuous training and interval training.  It's used to train runners to get faster but we're just going to use it to burn more fat and have some fun with metcon workouts.

Start with the yoga mountain climber at max effort for 60 sec. then dancer getup at recovery effort for 120 sec. then goddess squat alternating high kick at max effort for 60 sec.   then sit thru to kneeling backbend or sit thru variations at recovery effort  for 120 sec. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds no rest between exercises or circuits.  Total workout time is 18 min.  and you should warmup at least 5 min.  prior to this.  

Best way to setup your interval timer for this is for single rounds of 60 sec. and 18 total rounds.   Watch narrated video here for more tips on how to make this circuit work for you!

Burn More Fat Metcon Tips:  

  • Keep moving at a steady pace the entire time.  If you get fatigued modify the exercise you are doing so you can keep moving.  During recovery moves you can go slower but still maintain a steady tempo. 
  • If you need this to be harder add a 6-8 lb ball to the getup and press it overhead every time you come to standing.  You can also switch to sit thru squat thrust jacks instead of the other sit thru variations.  
  • Make it even more challenging by switching the order of the exercises i.e. yoga mt. climber max effort for 60 sec.  then goddess squat high kick recovery effort for 120 sec.   (60 sec. each side) then sit thru squat thrust max effort 60 sec.  then dancer getup 120 sec. recovery effort.  The order of exercises and the exercises you choose as max effort vs. recovery makes a huge difference.  
  • This is a continuous work AND interval circuit so it should feel like interval cardio.  During the max effort interval your heart rate should feel higher.  During the recovery effort your heart rate should decrease a bit.  This means you need to push hard during max effort exercises by going as fast as you can with good form. 

bodycon metcon + sexy dancing combined are great burn fat exercises

Want to have more fun with this circuit?  Dance it out for a couple of minutes after you complete 3 rounds.  You don't need to learn any fancy dance choreography to do this.  Just dance around or combine the exact same movement patterns from the workout into dance moves any way you like for as long as you like.  

I usually do dance workouts after my hourglass waist and love your booty videos but since this entire circuit is all about speed PLAY and since fat burning should be fun too I tried dancing these workout moves at the end and it was actually a very fun way to burn extra calories.

The 4 burn fat exercises & metcon circuit were inspired by this sexy dance choreography

Yes it's true, these 4 burn fat exercises and this entire speed play metcon circuit was inspired by these sexy dancing girls (just like many of my other circuits are inspired by dance).  Notice how sometimes they're moving fast and other times they're moving slow?  Dance is a very interval type of activity and it's also dynamic and fun which is why I get most of my movement inspiration from dance.  

I could just do the same boring repetitive burpee squat lunge pushup stuff you see all over youtube but life's too short to be boring!  Plus when you've been into fitness as long as I have, you have to continue to find new and interesting ways to burn fat otherwise it's just not fun and that's when you start to skip metcon and gain the fat back and we can't be having any of that if we want lean toned curvy body for life right!