burlesque fitness that sculpts curvy sexy booty cinched waist & lean toned sexy body

One of the top complaints I've read for burlesque fitness workout dvds on amazon is "the workout was too easy" or "the dvd was fun but not much of a workout".  The reason this is true of so many dvds is that they are created by burlesque dancers who's expertise is burlesque dance not fitness.  So it only makes sense that what you're getting is what they do on stage and not what a woman actually needs to sculpt a toned curvy sexy body.  

Love burlesque but need actual body makeover results?  Here's what you need...

The truth is that most burlesque workouts don't do a very good job of improving your cardio endurance or your booty shape or slimming your waist which is why I've been filming more burlesque INSPIRED workouts in the past year.  Here is one that will carve out killer booty curves, cinch waist 

burn fat calories AND it even includes an example of sexy dancing that incorporates the same movement patterns in the workout so the sexy dancing feels natural and easy vs. awkward and clumsy.  Ready to get that burlesque sex goddess body?  Just follow the simple instructions and tips in the video.  

A few more quick burlesque fitness workout tips:

1.  Trying to build a bigger booty?  Choose the 2nd option of the 4 movement patterns featured in video (db stiff leg deadlift, db split squat, db reverse plank press, squat row).  Also use heavier weight fewer reps and slower tempo as I explained and showed in video.

2.  Not a fan of the rope moves?  Use exercise straps like the WOSS suspension straps I reviewed here.  They are affordable, more comfortable and easier to work with and you can do all the same movement patterns except for the suspended angel or suspended single leg bridge which are both fun but not necessary.

3.  Want to sexy dance but can't seem to get into it?  Try some lingerie sexy black (in that order) under a workout outfit that is more dance inspired less athletic inspired.  In the video I was wearing two very sexy yandy lingerie pieces under my pvc leggings and red top.  Believe me when I say it makes every bit of difference and can help you lose the stiffness and move more burlesque sexy.

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burlesque fitness workout inspiration

This burlesque fitness workout routine was inspired by the Earned It music video from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.  When I watched this video I noticed the bent over booty moves were very similar to a good morning exercise and a stiff leg deadlift which are both great for building a sexy butt.  

The chair backbend is similar to a tabletop or reverse plank and of course the goddess squat on the chair or in front of the chair is a deep squat movement with arms overhead.  The burlesque dancing and costume in the Earned It video were actually very similar to the ones in Crazy Horse Paris Baby Buns routine pictured here. 

 Obviously the feel of the video is completely different and they were wearing the x pasties on their booty and using rope props to give the video a more edgy bondage feel but the idea of featuring the booty with butt lifter panties is the same.  The X or the spotlight is marking the area of the booty that gets smacked playfully or in a more erotic Fifty Shades of Grey way that many women these days are not ashamed to admit they're into.  If you love the look you can get butt lifter panties at Feel Foxy. I recently ordered some for review so check the blog soon for that!