Burlesque Dance Workouts

Burlesque dance workouts have been growing in popularity since the debut of various stripaerobics DVDs in 2003. Once striptease aerobics became mainstream, pole dance quickly followed, and then came sexy dance workouts including belly dance, bollywood dance, and sexy dance cardio. For nearly 10 years now sexy workouts of all types have been paving the way for burlesque workouts that are all about female empowerment.

Can Burlesque Dance Workouts Burn Fat & Sculpt Lean Toned Body with Sexy Curves?

After trying a handful of  Burlesque Dance Workout DVDs and attending a couple of burlesque dance classes I quickly came to the realization that the appeal of burlesque dance is not the calorie burn or the fat burn or the toning or strengthening.

The truth is you get minimal fitness from burlesque dance but what you do get is a massive self esteem boost, a huge dose of body confidence, and a feeling of female empowerment that is missing from many workouts for women.  It's this feel good benefit that can help you start making healthier choices daily.

Unlike other women's workouts, burlesque dance promotes self acceptance at your current size, positive body image no matter what your body looks like. Most importantly it doesn't insult you by suggesting you need washboard abs and a perfect butt to be sexy.  The burlesque dance atmosphere is devoid of obsessive compulsive exercising and body dysmorphic disorder based fitness goals...

And this is the main reason women are so drawn to it, why the love it so much and why so many women eventually do end up sculpting a lean toned body with sexy hourglass figure curves. Burlesque dance is an amazing experience for any woman who is sick and tired of being told what fit and sexy is supposed to look like.

Burlesque Dance Workout Options

Burlesque dance isn't really a workout so if you're looking for some serious calorie burning and toning none of the options out there are really going to appeal to you. Burlesque actually feels more like a dance rehearsal and what it CAN do for your body is improve posture and flexibility, strengthen your core and calves. It can also boost hip and shoulder mobility as well as balance and coordination.

The most important benefit is a better self-image which can have a positive impact on your daily activity level and your eating habits too.  If all this sounds like something you would enjoy be sure to get started with a great burlesque fitness DVD like Honey and Spice Burlesque with Jo Weldon or Burlesque Beat with Rodney James.  

You can also do what I did and sign up for a class taught by a real burlesque performer, preferably somebody who performs regularly.  Excellent instruction will make all the difference between a great time and a waste of your time.   Another option is to sign up for YBFF news so you can get access to all my private burlesque inspired fitness videos.

Burlesque Dance Props & Tips

You can take a burlesque class in casual sneakers and workout clothes (I took my first class in converse, yoga pants and hip fringe). You can also wear a leotard, skirt, boa plus heels which is more fun and a great way to engage your hips, core and leg muscles a bit more. Most studios have a box full of props that students can borrow and if you're going to bump and grind at home you can find affordable props on Amazon.

One thing you may consider wearing but probably shouldn't is a steel bone corset.  I filmed a burlesque dance video explaining and showing other sexy corset options that work better.

One thing you may want to avoid if attending a class is alcohol.  Some studios serve wine to ease your nerves but drinking and learning to dance in high heels increases your risk of a injury especially if you're not used to strutting and shimmying in high heels. If you're nervous try some deep breathing or just focus on the music instead. Remember that you're just doing this for fun and nobody is judging you.