burlesque chair dance exercises & options

Who is burlesque chair dance cardio for?  It's for anybody who can't deal with the dreadmill or other boring cardio machines.  Anybody who's tired of paying money for monthly group fitness, online fitness memberships and fitness dvds.  

It's for anybody who can't handle the too hot or too cold weather in the name of calorie burning.  Not only are chair exercises convenient and free they are also challenging and will also boost your butt, slim your thighs and work your corset muscle to flatten the abs and cinch that waist.  

Are you ready for the burn?  This ain't your grandmas chair workout and your going to need some serious lower body endurance to get through these workout options...

Burlesque chair dance 101:  How Not to use a chair to get a sexy body...

If you want to burn fat and calories plus get sexy curves you need to stick with repetitive up down movement that really drives up the heart rate and works the core and entire lower body.  The burlesque chair dance in the video here although cute is not an option even if woman in the video has amazing legs.  

This routine is an actual dance and not a workout so make sure that you stick with chair exercises vs. a cute chair routine.  Leave the dancing for your recovery days or for after you're done with your killer butt chair exercises circuit. 

burlesque chair dance workout option 1:

Your first chair workout option is to stick with one movement pattern and do it for an entire song.  This is basic chair cardio and like any cardio that is rhythmic and repetitive it burns fat and calories the only difference is this also targets your butt and core in ways that most cardio doesn't.  Because you are stepping up onto a considerably higher surface your butt muscles have to work hard to raise all your weight then your legs have to assist and your inner thighs and core have to stabilize ALL that movement.    

With this option speed is less important than just sticking to a tempo you can handle.  If you want to get a little funky with it that's o.k. just don't get too distracted from the tempo.   The goal here is up down up down up down non stop until your chosen song is over then you move on to the other circuits you're doing that day so in other words this isn't the only thing you will be doing which means you need to do it towards the beginning or middle of your workouts so your endurance doesn't suffer.  Only do it at the end if you already have killer legs endurance.  

burlesque chair workout option 2:

Another way you can do chair exercises for a hotter body is to group a few lower body chair exercises into a circuit and do continuous rounds of work.  This means no rest between exercises or circuits and you work for a set amount of time like I'm doing in my holiday video below.   Trust me when I say this is 1000 time harder than some silly cardio machine because YOU have to move ALL your weight unlike a machine which often moves a considerable amount of your weight for you.  

Yes it's true those treadmill and elliptical platforms actually drag your weight along which is why most people don't get any results from machine cardio unless they set the machine at a super high resistance AND do uphill sprint intervals and most people don't do that.  I used to do that and although challenging found it to be a complete bore!

Now if you've never done high altitude hiking or uphill cycling or danced for hours on end in a dance class then get ready for a serious endurance challenge.  Your legs will BURN and continue to burn after you're done but in a good way ha ha!   And after a few weeks of this the burn disappears and you're left with leaner legs, flatter abs, a rounder firmer butt AND a smaller waist plus endurance that will allow you to do any endurance activity without getting fatigued.

one final chair workout option:

Another option which you can see in this older video (with horrible sound quality, sorry for that) is to work in some chair moves into a circuit that includes various full body exercises.  This circuit is actually from one of my fitness plans and can be done 4 different ways but if you watch the video you'll get the point which is to just work in some fat blasting chair exercises that also target core and booty.  It's simple and can be done with any type of circuit so if you've plateaued on some of your lunge, squat or plank exercises feel free to substitute these chair moves instead.