burlesque beat workout dvd review

by monica

Need a burlesque workout DVDs that deliver plenty of burlesque as well as a great total body workout? Finding a burlesque workout DVD that's packed with faster paced dynamic sexy movement isn't easy but Burlesque Beat manages to give you both along with a sexy body confidence boost.

Burlesque Beat by Mr. Burlesque, Rodney James starts out with a well planned warmup that includes neck circles, shoulder rolls, various types of fold-overs, squats, static lunge holds and Pilates style core work.

The warmup does a great job of preparing your body for the workout/dancing ahead and also makes you feel like you're in the hands of a qualified fitness professional and dancer who is putting your health and wellness first. Now this type of warmup is not common in burlesque workout dvds but is ESSENTIAL for being able to complete this dynamic style of workout.

Once you've completed the warmup you continue with the first dance choreography which is simple but also a great total body workout. Some of the movement patterns are single leg squat, kneeling hip thrusts, goddess squat, seated back bend, bow pose, screw press, side lying leg lifts, plank knee-ins, single leg downdog, deep lunge twist. This is a great combination of dynamic exercises combined into a sexy dance routine and exactly the the style of burlesque I love and teach in all my videos.

After you learn the first dance combination you continue with a chair dance choreography that is a great lower body core and coordination challenge. Some of the moves include arabesque, various types of swivel squats, chair backbend, chair reverse plank knee-in.

My only issue with this portion of the workout was the confusing chair re-positioning which I struggled with for two reasons 1. I don't have a chair as light as the one used in the video and 2. Rodney cues as if you're behind him instead of facing him. Even after just standing there and watching I could not mirror his movements which was a bit frustrating but finally figured out a way to make it work.

Once you learn and practice both routines you get to perform them together several times with Rodney and his girls dressed in their burlesque gear. This is the most fun portion of the workout dvd because you get to dance it out for 4 min. straight which is the length of an actual burlesque performance at most venues.

And if you pay close attention to the girls during this portion you'll see that they're all doing the routine their own unique way and at one point one of them almost loses control of the chair but just like a great burlesque performer she recovers and keeps going. I was so happy that they left that in the video because it shows that sexy dancing isn't about looking and being perfect. It's about having fun and getting your sexy moves on!!

The only thing missing after the dance portion was a cool down but Rodney makes up for it with a quick girlfriend party time routine which is a bit of raunchy fun that includes moves you would do if you were in a naughty burlesque troupe.

Overall burlesque beat is a great burlesque workout and my favorite of the many I've tried. I give 5 out of 5 stars because it delivers both burlesque as well as fitness. I highly recommend it especially if you like the style of burlesque inspired workout videos that I upload on YouTube. Also if you happen to have this DVD and you want more sexy Rodney moves then you'll be happy to know that his new DVD is coming out very soon and I'll be reviewing that one as well.

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