Bubble Booty Building:  12 exercises plus essential tips for best booty workout results!

These 12 bubble booty building exercises are simple but not easy, fun but intense, effective but only when you're following the essential booty workout tips that work for your unique booty and body type.  If you're ready to finally get your bubble booty then the video and tips below will deliver the results you deserve!

bubble booty building exercises and workout options

You have 3 basic options when doing this booty workout which is  something I didn't mention in the video info box on youtube.  Those options are:

  • Superset the first two exercises and work them back to back for 3 round followed b a minute rest then finish up with 3-4 rounds of the last 3 exercises back to back.
  • Perform all 5 booty exercises as a giant circuit and repeat as many rounds as possible for 25 min.
  • Perform the non band exercises as a circuit 3-4 times then rest a minute and finish up with tabata intervals of both band moves working at a fast speed.

bubble butt building essential tips for better butt results

  • Triangle types and hourglass types with bigger booties use moderate to light weight and work at a faster pace.
  • Ruler and cone types work with heavier weight if you need to build more booty and if you tend to build wide shoulders lose the overhead press on tabeltop.
  • Anybody needing to lose weight or bodyfat lose the dumbbells and forget the stiff leg deadlift.  Instead add a hop between every single lunge.
  • Anybody with a small or flat booty type work heaviest weight you can handle with good form and stick to lower reps.
  • Hourglass cones and rulers with thick waists or who tend to bulk in the waist choose your side plank move wisely.  8 version to choose from some target glutes more than upper body so choose what's right for your body!

Remember that when you train right for your booty type you get better results faster and those results improve over time too.  More training variable tips in Love Your Booty plan.

In the video here I shared 8 (maybe more) versions of a waist slimming side plank.  They are all great exercises but some target the upper body and core more while others target the glutes more.  Once you learn the basic version be sure to choose the side plank that is right for your body, your booty, your current fitness goals.  

Yes, this requires thinking on your part but when you take the time to learn what exercises work best for you is when you actually start getting better results from your time spent training.  Getting a bubble booty is simple but it's a very unique process that is also unique to your body.