Brazil Butt Lift Review Videos & results

I first came across Brazil Butt Lift workouts while writing a few articles on the limitations of P90X and the dangerous workout tactics of plans like Insanity for where I was the exercise and weight loss editor for 12 years.

In case you're wondering I do recommend both P90X for beginners and Insanity for the super advanced but today I have a 100% honest review of Brazil Butt Lift Workout plus some tips for those who want to get started.

*These pics are my results after two rounds of Brazil Butt Lift.  I did 11 months of hip and core rehab before BBL so my butt was not in the best shape before this.  

What do you get when you buy Brazil Butt Lift?

Brazil Butt Lift is a 4 week dvd workout plan that comes with 6 dvds that vary in length from 20-50 min. plus a bonus 10 min. dvd for days when you need a quick workout.  In addition to all the workout dvds you also get a booty makeover guide that shows you how to schedule your workouts according to your body/booty type and goal.  You also get workout calendars, fat burning food guide, workout cards, measurement tracker, slim down guide, mini bands, and free online support.

**BBL also helped me lose inches around my waist.  I went from 29" to 26"  Since I've been on my own workout plan Love Your Booty & Corset Core I'm down to a 25" waist.

Now I've been buying workout plans for 30 years and have often felt that many companies charge too much for what you get. So at $70 Brazil Butt Lift was a great value for the price especially since it was better than other plans I've tried.

And if you don't want to pay full price you can find BBL used for 50% off or less on amazon from various sellers. 

Disclosure:  I am never compensated for any product reviews and my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased.  I purchased this product and links to buy products are provided here as a courtesy.  If you buy using my link I make enough to afford a small cup of coffee not some fancy Loubouton heels. 

But what about all the criticism about their use of terminology?

If you've seen the infomercial or been on the site then you've heard or read the terms triangle training, reduce the hips, slim the thighs, and lift the butt.

Trainers hate this kind of terminology because they feel it misrepresents the body and exercise but the fact is that these are real concerns for most women and smart companies know what terminology to use to help women figure out if their plan is a good match for their goals.

**Sometimes isolation workouts are key to a fit healthy body. Watch video to learn more.

If you are a trainer or more experienced exerciser the BBL terminology might turn you off but the fact is this workout plan was beautifully designed and the guide that shows you how to customize it to your body type is genius.

ALL the exercises in the workout are exercises that top fitness experts recommend for a fit, healthy and sexy lower body, a strong core, and a fit upper body too.

Maybe there is no such thing as triangle training and thigh slimming but BBL delivers what it promises unlike other workout plans that use proper fitness terminology but deliver no results (i.e. Red Carpet Ready, Yoga Booty Ballet, Body for Life, Buns of Steel just don't get results like Brazil Butt Lift does).    

How does Brazil Butt Lift actually work?

The plan works because it includes a combination of isolation exercises, full body fat burning exercises, cardio intervals, steady state cardio, circuit training, bodyweight training, and dumbbell training that you customize to your unique body and booty type.  The workouts are dynamic and fun and designed to burn maximum fat, reshape your butt and your body, build strength, endurance, core stability, glute stability, and improve flexibility, mobility, agility and so much more.

**BBL isn't just isolation and butt toning. Includes all the best fat burning and fitness exercises recommended by all the best fitness/fatloss experts.

Many women who try this plan, myself included are under the impression that the workouts are going to be only moderately challenging.  Maybe it's the fun infomercial or the butt toning emphasis that gives women the wrong impression but the reality is the workouts are hard even for a certified fitness trainer and experienced exerciser like me who's been exercising for 30 years.

Before BBL I was doing a combination of Tacfit and functional training so I'm not one of those women who lifts pink barbie weights and does those girly tone it up bikini body workouts you see on youtube.  I felt this program was just as challenging as Tacfit just in a different more fun and female friendly way.

**Tacfit IS the hardest program I've ever done. It's harder than Insanity and Crossfit combined and isn't for everyone. I've written about it extensively on my other site.

Brazil Butt Lift is actually the only other plan I've purchased that gave me as much satisfaction and value as Tacfit by Scott Sonnon for $137 (which is geared at trainers and tactical people like police, military, combat sports, etc.) BBL is the only workout plan other than Tacfit that I experienced zero buyers remorse.  

Who should get Brazil Butt Lift and who should skip it?

This program is for all women young and old but if you have very serious knee or back injuries maybe this isn't the right fit for you since it is challenging and you are training often and at a fast and intense pace.

The only downside to this program is that certain days can be time consuming. If you prefer workouts that are under 30 min. because you enjoy other activities i.e. pilates, yoga, hiking, walking, etc. then you will have to put all that other stuff aside for 4 weeks to complete this plan.

**I used BBL to finish my hip rehab but only because I had already done 9 months of other rehab work.

Other than the time commitment and the lack of modifications for advanced exercisers on some of the planks and side lying exercises this workout plan is awesome. If you commit to it plus eat a super clean healthy diet you WILL get the results it promises with a money back guarantee. I give this video workout plan an A- and it also gets the award for BEST BUTT WORKOUT PLAN in video format.