Burlesque Booty Workout & Butt Makeover Tips

Having a round firm booty that looks amazing in skinny jeans, a fitted dress or in your lingerie or bikini is easier than you think!  If you’re looking to build that hourglass figure with a curvy bootylicious butt be sure to get busy with the burlesque booty workout moves and butt makeover tips below.

Not only will these tips and workout help makeover your butt faster than you thought possible they will also help you sculpt sexy femme fatale curves like burlesque queen Lou Lou D'Vil pictured here.

Booty Workout Tip #1: Don't Settle for Just Isolation Butt Toning Exercises

An isolation exercise works one muscle group at a time and a great example of an isolation exercise that works only one area of the booty is the glute kickback on your hands and knees.

The problem with using ONLY isolation moves is they are not very effective for building a nice butt because your glutes NEVER work in isolation. If you want to makeover your butt fast, you need to do isolation in combination with dynamic exercises that target the entire butt, legs and core too.

A perfect example is the alternating tripod twist to single leg downdog featured in the video here and in the workout below.  This killer butt exercise works your abs, low back, and entire upper body while sculpting a killer booty.

Another great example is the single leg tabletop to plank kickback also featured in the video below.

Booty Workout Tip #2: Don't Waste Time with Standard Sets

A standard set is 8-20 reps of something followed by rest then the same thing again and again and again for 3-4 sets.  Not only is this boring it’s just not effective for sculpting lean sexy curves.  

If you want to burn fat, get rid of cellulite and get a bootylicious booty then be sure to group all the best butt exercises into high intensity circuits.

Be sure to include a balance of very high intensity exercises as well as toning and lifting exercises this way you burn fat and banish cellulite while lifting and firming.  

The best part about doing this is you don’t have to resort to long boring butt toning workouts then add another hour of cardio on top of that. Watch the video to see how.

Booty Workout Tip #3: Stop Relying on Linear Exercises for Results

Linear butt exercises only work your butt in the same planes of motion, front to back or up and down and this is not how your glute muscles actually function in every day movement.  If you to want makeover your butt you need to start working your butt from every single angle.  

Training the glutes with dynamic movement with all types of fitness gear not only builds an injury proof body it's also the best way to reshape, firm, lift, burn fat, and build the round shape that gives you a more hourglass appearance.

Check out the booty workout video here for one more example.  For access to the full length version of this video be sure to subscribe to ybff newsletter.

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