Get A More Sexy Curvy Booty Exercises Tips

The desire for a more sexy curvy booty is a very common one these days thanks to sexy celebrities with curvalicious bodies.   The trick to sculpting your curvy butt is to adjust your training to your natural booty shape as well as your body makeover goals.   The simple booty exercises tips below will help you get the sexy butt shape you want plus strengthen your hips, core, and tone your legs too.

Booty Exercise Tips for Women Who Need to Build More Booty

If your body makeover goal includes a bigger booty or slightly wider hips then focus on working your glutes more often, with more weight, more reps and at a slower tempo.  You may also want to consider more isolation work like the exercises featured in the pic/video here. 

Isolation exercises target the glutes harder because they don't allow other muscles to assist very much.  Just don't make the mistake of doing 100% isolation all the time. 

Your glutes don't function in isolation ever so your body needs total body glute exercises like the ones featured in the other videos below.   Something else you may want to consider is not overdoing the fatloss workouts especially if you are a cone or ruler body type who tends to struggle to hold on to lean muscle and curves.

Booty Exercises Tips for Women Who Need to Lose Bottom Fat

Of all the booty dilemas women have this is the easiest to solve.  If your goal isn't to build a bigger butt and you just want to lose the excess fat on your already bootylicious bottom then focus on fat burning lower body circuits like the one in video here.

The more intense the better so the faster you can move through your circuits without much weight the more fat you will burn without adding more volume to your perfectly sized booty.   If you're a pyramid or hourglass you won't need much isolation work .

If you're a cone or ruler who is in the process of losing weight or bodyfat and you want to keep some of the volume you currently have then adding in some booty building exercises before your circuits will help you maintain some size so you don't lose your curves as you lose fat.

Booty Exercises & Tips for Women Who Need to Reshape Their Butt

So what if you're happy at your current weight, bodyfat, and booty size but what you want is to change your booty shape? 

This specific butt makeover goal requires a bit more focused work but the extra effort is worth it!  Below are some general tips to help with common reshaping goals or if you prefer to just follow a plan with a workout schedule for your unique booty type then be sure to get started with my plan Love Your Booty or with Brazil Butt Lift.

1.  bubble & perk - Focus a bit more on glute kickback type exercises like pic at top of page as well as weighted hip thrust exercises that target the very center of the gluteus maximus.   

2.  lift & firm - Focus more on deep lunging using gliding discs, chair, step, or suspension trainer to target the lowest portion of the gluteus maximus (above crease).

3.  tighter & narrow - Focus more on lateral lunges, curtsey lunges, jumping lunges, and dancing lunges that target the entire gluteus maximus, medius, minimus without creating more width or bulk.    

4.  hippy & wider - Focus more on lateral band walks, band hip circles, lateral leg lifts, and other leg abduction exercises that target the glute medius and minimus a bit more to create more hips and more width. 

got dysfunctional glutes also known as lazy butt syndrome or heart shape bottom syndrome?

Get busy with the glute activation exercises video and reverse the effects of glute dysfunction.  You can turn that heart shape bottom upside down and start getting better results from your booty exercises and workouts with simple exercises that are quick and fun.