3 booty bounce workout secrets for creating the illusion of a more curvalicious booty

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that you need to do more squats with more weight in order to get a more curvalicious sexy booty but nothing could be further from the truth.  A fuller rounder more lifted booty requires a more dynamic approach than all those boring one size fits all squat routines you see all over social  media.  If you need to learn more about why squats aren't that great for getting a bigger booty be sure to check out my squats vs lunges article.  If you're ready to get killer assets get started with the booty bounce workout moves and tips below.  

The the booty bounce moves  in the video are the ones that helped me get my best booty for my burlesque debut on May 2015 picture here.  These pics like the ones in my pinup photoshoot are also unedited and unfiltered and when I first saw them I was shocked at how round and full my butt looked. 

booty bounce workout moves

  • heavy gliding lunges (using 40-50 lb works too if you can handle it)
  • squat ball toss (add a jump if you need to burn fat)
  • mountain climber glute kickback (squeeze your butt hard at the top)
  • reverse lunge jump ball slam (you can use smaller ball or db)
  • lateral leap into curtsey lunge (add kick for more fatloss)
  • rotating lunge to seated twist (add kick for more fat burning)

If you need to start with easier versions of these move or need booty workouts specifically for your booty type be sure to get started with Love Your Booty plan before you try more dynamic circuits like this one.

booty bounce workout secret #1

The one and most important tip for these booty bounce workout moves is exceptional technique.  These booty exercises rely heavily on core and glute activation as well as loading the glute muscles with slightly heavier and much deeper and more controlled movement.  If you fail to do these moves with good exercise technique the only thing you will accomplish is thick legs a thick torso and a wider booty instead of a rounder fuller one.

booty bounce workout secret #2 may surprise you

Another trick for sculpting a more bouncy booty that looks amazing in or out of clothes is not to lose too much weight or bodyfat.  I mentioned recently in another video that I had been trying hard to gain weight back. 

The weightloss actually happened spring of 2013, the year I created bodycon fitness plan.  I created that plan for women who wanted rapid permanent fatloss like I did many years ago but after filming all the workouts for that plan and training to hike 50 miles in under a week in Kaui my weight dropped to 108 lb and my butt got tiny.   This is what happens when you're a ruler or cone who eats right for their metabolic type and does tons of metabolic training.

I actually managed to gain 2 pounds back on my booty fairly quickly then it took me a year and a half to gain just 3 more pounds of booty back and it wasn't easy so be careful and don't go overboard with metabolic training because believe it or not at one point it actually gets harder to gain than it does to lose it!

My suggestion if you're having a hard time gaining mass on your assets is to drop the metabolic training all together if you can afford to do that.  I stopped doing it weekly and focused on moderate cardio and dance fitness instead.   **I'M NOT SAYING TO STOP DOING CARDIO.  Sorry I had to scream but what I'm saying is you still need some cardio just not the hiit kind. 

booty bounce workout secret #3

Another secret to getting your booty to look rounder and fuller is to cheat on your diet a bit more.  I recently mentioned in another video that I relaxed my eating a bit but this can be tricky so don't play around with this too much unless you feel confident that you can prevent fat gain on your upper body.  More tips on how to eat and cheat for a sexier body and booty in my hourglass diet article.