X bands booty bands review & booty bands exercises workout video

The difference between x bands booty bands and other mini bands or booty bands will shock you!  Not only are the x bands more durable they are also way more challenging.  

In this review I cover the pros and cons of these mini-band resistance bands and how they can work with ybff circuits.  There's also a new booty bands exercises video to get you started if you decide these bands are for you.  

*This is not a sponsored review.  I bought these bands with my money and do not get paid to write this or get commissions from anyone if you buy them.  Keep scrolling down to read the good, the bad and my overall rating...

x bands booty bands review:  the good

  • Booty bands are considerably thicker which makes them a lot more more durable than regular resistance mini bands.  If your mini bands are constantly breaking or feel too easy because you've built killer buns of steel then x bands are a nice upgrade.  I don't think you could break these even after lots of use.    
  • The x bands booty bands  can be purchased individually or in various packs including the 5 band deluxe pack I purchased for $29.  This is very affordable considering the cost of one superband, like the red ones featured in my lose back fat workout.  I expected the deluxe pack to be around $40-$50 and pleasantly surprised it was more affordable.
  • Booty bands are way more challenging so can be used for all the same exercises that you already do with regular mini bands plus new more challenging moves too.  So if you're building more glute muscle and getting a stronger booty and find that you're having to double up on bands to feel anything then x bands is the smarter progression because doubling up on bands is annoying and not that effective (I know because I tried it for a while and just wasn't getting anywhere with double bands).

more booty bands review comments in video & workout options below

In the video here I show 4 really fun x bands booty band exercises that are advanced versions of moves from various ybff routines.  You can substitute any mini band moves from any ybff plans with these more advanced moves...

Or if you've got good glute activation and decent booty strength then you can also just use x bands for any ybff mini band exercises.  Some examples of moves you can sub for these:

  1. booty band jacks to straddle thrusters can sub for any mini band jump squat, squat thrust, lateral leap, or lateral traveling squat
  2. booty band spinal rock to tabletop can sub for any full body getup or supine hip extension including ones with feet elevated on chair or ball
  3. booty band lower body rotation can sub for any side lying leg left, plank leg lift or kneeling or standing bent over diagonal hip extension
  4. booty band reverse lunge forward hop can sub for any standing hip extension, multi directional band walk or leap or curtsey or step up with hip extension

x bands booty bands review:  the bad

  • Some of the combo packs make no sense.  They offer the red and purple together or the yellow orange and blue together.   If you're a beginner you probably only need yellow red and orange and won't even be able to use the purple or blue until you improve glute activation and build more booty strength and power (this could take months or years depending on your level and other factors).  You can buy individual bands but it would be nice if you could get more combo pack options.
  • If you don't have any experience using mini bands then  you can't just  start with these bands.  These are not for beginners even though they look fun and easy.    They're hard even for somebody like me who's been training daily for 30 years.  If you have dysfunctional glutes or core or have low back, hip, knee or balance issues you will struggle to use these and can hurt yourself even though these look harmless.   I've seen so many instagram videos lately of amateur bootcamps using these with horrible form to do exercises like stairs or squat jumps with knees knocking together every rep because they don't have enough glute muscle activation to keep the bands apart.  I've also seen girls using these to keep their knees from spreading during heavy squats which basically means their butt muscles are so tight that their feet point out and knees spread apart from tight ass syndrome.  Using these bands with poor technique or to mask postural issues only trains dysfunction and can lead to injuries and pain so if you're a beginner or have glute issues start with mini bands in thera band exercises article.

x bands booty bands review:  overall rating

Overall these bands are great.  I give them a 3.5 out of 5.  I would have rated them higher if they offered more combo packs and didn't feature amateur users with poor technique on their site or social feeds.   

**Bottom line is if you're intermediate to advanced and you got good glute activation then you will love these bands.  They're super challenging and fun to play around with and add variety to your core butt  and leg workouts.