booty exercises for a killer butt fast

These 3 exercises from my new 180 turnaround booty circuit (in video) will build lean booty muscle, lift, firm, tighten and tone butt especially if you follow 1 simple secret.

The first exercise is the weighted hip thrust. I've filmed 3 versions of this move before but the 20 lb sandbell version is my absolute favorite because it really gets the glute muscles firing especially when you do this at the end of a long booty circuit. If you don't have a 20 lb sandbell just pile a bunch of dumbbells on your lower abs and make sure your butt is going straight up and down and that your knees are staying close and not spreading open. The ball should not be rolling back and forth and there should be minimal bouncing of the upper body.

The second move is the stability ball plank ankle weight glute kickback inspired by Bryan Hawn's ass of death routine (pic above). If you follow YBFF fb page and watched the video of Bryan I posted then you might agree with me that he has THE best assets of any fitness expert EVER! I've never seen any fitness chics with butts this round lifted and sexy so I downloaded Bryan's ebook to find out his butt secret. He's got a few and this ball move is one of them.

The key with this move is to keep everything from the waist up fully supported on the ball then with legs super straight use your abs to pull one knee in close to the elbow without letting your hips drop down then extend the leg back and lift straight leg up as high as you can without arching your back by using both glute and low back muscles to get a really hard glute contraction. This is not as easy as it looks and you have to do it slow and controlled.

The last move is a reverse single leg squat. The trick with this move is to use a very low surface like a mega ball to suspend the foot and to start with the back knee on the floor. You also need to keep toes of the working leg off the floor at all times so your butt and not your thigh does all the work.

Butt makeover secret for better booty results: stick with a booty workout frequency that is right for your body/booty type. This is something I cover in detail in my plan Love Your Booty.

I'm sending out 2 pdfs this Friday including: 180 turnaround booty which includes 22 killer butt moves (some are from Love Your Booty) and assets of death hiit inspired by Bryan's ass of death workout. If you're not on our list yet and want to get these printouts be sure to enter your name in the box upper right corner of ybff site to start getting all kinds of awesome ybff giveaways.

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