Get your sexiest figure with the right body workout routine:  3 best ways to get your results!

Having the right workouts, a healthy 80/20 diet, good recovery strategies and a consistent exercise routine just isn't enough to get your sexiest figure.  You also need the RIGHT body workout routine!  The good news is there are 3 simple ways to figure that out.  

The right body workout routine step 1:  Ask the basic questions to find your current goal and focus on it!

In YBFF plans all the guess work is taken out so all you have to do is follow a workout schedule that fits your female body types but once you go a few rounds of a few YBFF plans you may feel like mixing things up more so the first thing you need to do if you're going to hybrid some plans (mix up plans) is know your actual goal!  

Do you still need to burn some fat?  Do you still need to burn a lot of fat? Are you a ruler a cone an hourglass or a triangle body?  Do you need to build more booty, want a flatter abs and a more cinched waist or all that or maybe your body looks great but you want to look more toned or just MORE curvy?  

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Knowing what you want and where your body is right now is what determines whether to add more or less HIIT workout to your routine or whether to do 2 or 4 days of butt circuits per week or if you need to eliminate core work all together for a while or cut back on the upper body work a bit.   

For example vlogsgiving workout 1 (part of it in video here) would be a great HIIT workout to do 4x a week if you still need to lose a lot of fat and weight but NOT a good idea more than 1x per week for any body type already at  goal weight and bodyfat who is  trying to sculpt more booty and slim waist. 

If you want good results then you need to structure your body workout routine the right way BUT the great thing is it doesn't take much time to setup and once you do you can stick with it for 4-6 weeks even up to 8 weeks and make minor adjustments as you go.  This is the most important step!

The right body workout routine step 2:  Recall your workout duration for past few months and adjust it!

What is the average amount of time you've spent working out each session and each week for the past few months?  Be honest because it's your body and your results that depend on your answers.  If the answer is just 20-30 min. per day a few days per week then maybe it's time to increase duration for a bit by adding more time per session or or more sessions per week. 

These little changes for short periods of time make HUGE differences in your results.  They also boost fitness and metabolism and teach your body that it needs to be prepared for major shifts in training by being more responsive.  This is what = better sexier body results.

For example the booty & boobs circuit (part of it in video here) can take as little as 16 min. or as long as 40 min.  That depends if you do it as a giant circuit or 2 round or add in the tabatas or leave them out which all depends on how much of that work your body is needing (refer to step #1 if you still have not figured that out).  

You might think that more of everything is great but sometimes more of some things is great and less of others is better and focusing on the right body workout routine is what balances out your body shape so you get the sexiest body results you are wanting!

The right body workout routine step 3:  Check where and with what you've been training and vary it!

We are all creatures of habit.  We tend to want to workout in the same surroundings using the same equipment but that is one of the biggest obstacles to getting your fittest sexiest figure.  So again check back on your workout for past few months to determine if you've been doing the same exercises with the same equipment in the same places.

If you have then maybe you need to take it outdoors a few days a week or maybe you need to mix it up with your equipment a bit.  Even just switching up the room you train in at home or one piece of gear can make a big difference in metabolic boost, in endurance, in booty activation and ab flattening or fat burning or all those!

For example my new jingle balls workout (part of it in video here) includes exercises I had not done in quite some time with fitness balls I have not used in months.  I've been using mostly dumbbells, suspension trainer, bands and stability ball and had not touched my fun collection of medicine balls in ages.

Since I have a show coming up I thought of what I could do to boost my cardio endurance for energetic creepy clown dancing and the theme of our show came to mind which is jingle belles and jingle balls so that inspired me to get the med balls out and I'm so glad I did because as soon as I got started I realized what I had been missing out on.  Still sore 2 days later but so ready to do this med ball torture again!

One last body workout routine tip:

If you have any of the YBFF plans take a look at the schedule of workouts for your body type and try a similar body workout routine.  Maybe it can have a bit less cardio or a bit more booty work or slightly less or more core and upper body.  All you  need is a few tweaks and your body will start responding like crazy.  

My schedule for a while has been:

  • Monday intense total body and stretch
  • Tuesday pilates and dynamic stretch (so very core and booty focused)
  • Wednesday mobility and stretch
  • Thursday mobility and stretch
  • Friday hardcore booty work with intervals and stretch
  • Saturday super easy cardio plus mobility and stretch 
  • Sunday quick total body plus stretch

This along with my dance practice was working for a while but in Nov. I started to transition out of 2 back to back recovery days and doing slightly more intervals for a show. So right now my schedule is:

  • Monday curvlicious circuit
  • Tuesday pilates and dynamic stretch classes
  • Wednesday mobility + stretch
  • Thursday jingle balls interval workout + stretch
  • Friday easy cardio and flow yoga
  • Saturday curvlicious circuit + stretch
  • Sunday krampus clown cardio intervals + easy cardio + stretch

This is actually the schedule for next two weeks until new vlogmas videos begin uploading the 2nd full week of Dec.  Access for all this is on YBFF patreon.