Best Body Weight Scale Tips for Your Best Body Faster Without The Weigh-In Drama

Constantly obsessing over your body weight scale is something that a majority of losers do in the first few weeks or months of their weight loss journey. It's only natural to want to jump on the scale every day to see how you're progressing.

The problem with this behavior is that it focuses all your energy on all the weight you still have to lose which can be incredibly draining, frustrating and even depressing. I speak from personal experience as well as from hands on experience helping dozens of clients lose weight permanently. The best weight scale tip for faster and permanent weight loss is to weigh smarter.  The quick tips below show you how.

The Daily Body Weight Scale Weigh In Fix - The daily weigh in may seem like a good way to stay on track but your weight can fluctuate up to 10 pounds per day due to various factors. Hormone fluctuations, high carb intake, high sodium levels, and digestion issues can add pounds on the scale while intake of alcohol calories, vigorous exercise, and a few low carb meals can cause false weight loss so weighing yourself daily is kind of pointless. A better strategy is to weight every 7 or 10 days the day after your most balanced eating and exercise day which is usually mid week for most people.

The Weight Scale and Body Fat Scale Comparison - If you're going to track weight you should also be tracking your body composition so that you get the full picture. Tracking body fat shows you if you're losing quality weight or if you're just losing water and lean muscle. For example 8 pounds of weightloss and no body fat loss means you'll stay the same size, while 8 pounds of weightloss along with 5% fatloss means you'll drop about 2 clothes sizes.

Measuring body fat once a month if you still have a lot to lose or twice a month if your closer to your goal weight can help you tweak both your diet and exercise plan so that you lose both weight and fat.  Once you get into the athlete range you can measure every 3 months or do what I do and don't bother with bodyfat or scale weight unless it's a milestone check in (see next tip).

The Milestone Body Weight Scale Check - A great strategy for those closer to their ideal weight is to stick with a milestone weigh in which means you only weigh yourself after one diet cycle or several weeks of  the best exercise routine. Not only does this keep you focused on the actions you need to take to burn fat and lose weight it motivates you to eat healthy more often and to exercise with intensity more consistently so you are not disappointed when that milestone weigh in day arrives. This is the top weigh in tip the best fitness trainers teach their clients in order to keep them sane and on track with what matters.

The Scale Weight Reality Check In - Once you're at your goal bodyfat, weight and size it's a good idea to get out of the habit of weighing often and to only do a reality check weigh in if you feel you are off track. Learning to rely on other fitness measures such as how your clothes fit, how you feel, and energy levels to know whether you're maintaining is really the key to staying on track with healthy habits for life because when you can internalize what your ideal weight and bodyfat is you can also stop unhealthy behaviors much faster. If you have trouble believing this just ask a fit healthy trainer how often they weigh and their answer will surprise you (it's typically never or hardly ever).