best body toning exercises at home for women who want lean toned curvy body

Exercising hard to get a lean toned body and not getting the results that you want?  The trouble with most "body toning exercises" for women who workout at home is they're not very effective for burning off that last layer of fat to reveal the lean toned muscle you have or have worked hard to build.  The trick to getting your lean toned sexy body is to avoid 3 common mistakes and focus on 3 toned body solutions.

body toning exercises at home mistake #1:  too much focus on "toning exercises"

Solution:  Focus on exercises and workouts that burn body fat.    One of the biggest misconceptions in fitness is that there is such a thing as "toning exercises".  In reality there is no such thing as "muscle toning".  

A lean toned body is the results of adequate amounts of lean muscle and athlete level bodyfat.  The sexy curves part is a result of having the right amount of lean muscle in certain areas and less lean muscle and fat in other areas.  There are many ways to burn fat but one of the best ways is intervals.

body toning exercises at home mistake #2:  focusing on total body workouts vs. total body moves

Solution:  Stick with complex exercises that work multiple muscle groups.  The difference between total body workouts and total body moves is subtle but one means hours of time wasted and disappointing results while the other gets you fast fatloss and the lean toned sexy body you want. 

A full body workout targets all the major muscle group and some of the smaller ones as well BUT includes isolation exercises that mainly work 1-2 muscles at a time. 

  • db press - works the chest/shoulders
  • db row - works the back/core
  • squat - works the quads/core
  • db tricep kickbacks - works the triceps/core
  • db curls - works the biceps/low back

A workout that includes exercises like the ones listed above is a total body workout but none of the exercises in it are actual total body moves and that is where this type of workout fall short in terms of fat burning and "toning". 

Total body toning and sculpting moves  on the other hand target ALL the major muscle groups or many muscle groups at once plus they burn fat.  For example:

  • db squat to reverse lunge oh press - works quads, glutes, biceps, shoulders, triceps, and core
  • single leg deadlift to single leg db curl  - works hamstrings, back, core, glutes, and biceps
  • pushup to side plank knee-in - works chest, triceps, core, upper back, shoulders, and inner thighs
  • tabletop to single leg downdog - works glutes, core, hamstrings, shoulders, upper back
  • exercise straps row - works core, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps

Total body moves burn a lot of body fat (more than total body workouts do).  They also boost metabolism and fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours after your workout (after burn effect) which means your body burns fat as fuel for up to 48 hours post workout. 

In addition to burning more fat, total body moves help you maintain lean muscle or build a little bit of lean muscle but not so much that you end up bulking up.  Most of the videos I film include total body moves even the body part specific ones.

body toning exercises at home mistake #3:  not enough metabolic training

Solution:  Do more metabolic workouts and less toning workouts.  If you're happy with the amount of lean muscle that's underneath that extra layer of fat then focus most of your time on workouts that boost metabolism and burn body fat 24/7.  

If you find that there ARE areas where you need to add a little lean muscle to balance out your shape then focus about half of your weekly workouts on body part training to build up those areas (i.e. booty if you need it, arms and back if you need it, etc.). The rest of the time focus on metabolic training to burn the fat. 

The biggest mistake that most women who struggle to get a lean toned body make is they keep building muscle because they've heard that muscle burns fat.  While this is true there does come a time when you WILL have all the muscle you need and you must focus more of your time on burning the body fat.