Latest Fitness Trends & Body Makeover Tips for Your Best Female Figure Fast

ACSM's released their list of top fitness trends for 2013 and it's so exciting to see that smarter workouts are a top priority for people.   It's clear that the days of one size fits all and no pain no gain workouts are so over!  Woohoo! 

So how can this list help you get YOUR best female figure next year?  Just follow the 3 simple body makeover tips below and you'll get your best body ever faster and forever.

acsm's fitness trends list:

Body Makeover Tip #1:  Train for Health & Function As Much As You Do for Looks

Eleven of the fitness trends from the list above correspond to this tip which means that the days of exercising for vanity are over.  That doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your body makeover goals or your better body or look great naked body goals for function but you should be approaching fitness from what is known in functional training as a health first approach

The benefit to doing this is that you WILL get the body you desire much faster because when you do what is right for your body instead of just doing what you think is going to make it look good your body burns fat and gets lean and toned easily and much faster than if you just pound it to death with harmful hardcore exercise that isn't suitable for your needs. 

Remember the saying "train your body don't drain your body" by Paul Chek.  I wrote more about that in a smart workout motivation blog post.

Body Makeover Tip #2:   Customize EVERYTHING To Your Unique Body Type & Needs

Did you notice how personal training was on the fitness trends list several times and how wellness coaching and other work supervised programs also made the list?  That's because most people need a ton of guidance to get results BUT you can learn how to do this for yourself. 

This is exactly what I teach my clients do for themselves and you can learn it too simply by following smart fitness professionals online.  If you're visiting your bff or other fitness sites like it regularly then you are already on the right track.  Now you just have to apply what you learn and not be afraid to experiment or to make mistakes. 

Remember the saying "focus on progress vs. perfection" by Dr. Pam Peeke.  You CAN do it for yourself if you focus on giving your unique body the exact type of exercise it needs most often.  Check out the video here for more tips or get started with Your Best Female Figure plan.

 Body Makeover Tip #3:  Be Sure To Make Fitness Fun & Effective

Not sure how this happened but at some point exercise and fitness became associated with:

  • pain instead of pleasure
  • work instead of fun
  • boredom instead of curiosity
  • routine instead of dynamic creativity
  • hardass mentality instead of smarter program design

No wonder nearly 75% of the population is out of shape and overweight.  Regardless of how much some fitness experts still cling to their old school no pain no gain mantras there is no benefit to a painful boring hardcore workout routine.  None! 

A better body is not achieved by doing things that hurt and make you miserable.  If you learn only one thing from visiting this site please let this be it! 

Your best body ever is a result of the better movement executed in a dynamic and creative way that is fun, healthy, and sustainable long term.  No amount of extreme hardcore training will ever get the same great results as a customized and intelligently designed workout plan that is enjoyable. 

Remember the saying "my fitness is fun AND effective" .  Not sure who said that but it will save you from joint damage, poor self esteem, loss of motivation, disappointment PLUS get you the body you want too.