Bodycon Fatloss Workout & Bodycon Workout 2.0

If you want to rock the bodycon dress trend you must get busy with time efficient fat burning exercises that also strengthen and tone your entire body. 

Both the bodycon fatloss workout and bodycon workout 2.0 include exercises that burn fat, boost strength, endurance, and tone every inch of your body especially those trouble zones that so many women complain about (abs, butt, thighs, tricpes).

If you're a beginner be sure to stick with the original workout for 3-4 weeks before moving on to bodycon workout 2.0 which includes more advanced movement patterns that are very similar but much more challenging.

Bodycon Fatloss Workout

The original bodycon fatloss workout was uploaded to my fatloss workouts site back in January of 2012 and was originally called bodycon metcon fatloss workout. 

It's the most important workout in Your Best Female Figure workout plan because if you do it the right number of times for your body type you will literally see the fat melting off your core as the weeks go by. 

How many time you do it each week really depends a lot on your unique body type and goals.  The bodycon female fitness plan goes into more detail about how to customize these type of circuits to your unique body and needs.  

Bodycon Workout 2.0

The bodycon 2.0 is very similar to the original workout but the movement patterns are more advanced.  

I narrated 3 rounds of this workout at regular speed and share quick tips plus a few modifications during the workout that work for all levels so if you're a beginner you can try this version too.  

I left my music off so you can play your own music if you like.

*warmup + 3 sets at regular speed w/narration

f8 circuit

Bodycon F8 circuit is a quick more intense version of the original bodycon circuit.  It combines exercise from the previous circuits into more complex moves so that you can burn fat and finish your fatloss workouts even faster.

It's the perfect example of the type of circuit to focus on more often if you have a lot of excess bodyfat and bodyweight to lose.  If you enjoy this style of workout or need more intense workouts to burn fat and lose weight faster be sure to get started with Bodycon Female Fitness plan.  

Bodycon plan includes 14 weeks of workouts and over a dozen interval protocols designed for rapid weightloss and fatloss.  It can also be combined with other circuits from all the other fitness plans here on this site for even better results.

I actually created bodycon fitness for women who want to get the fat off their body permanently so they can focus on other types of workouts like booty sculpting or waist cinching or dance fitness.