bodycon female fitness plan

The Fastest & Simplest Way to STOP STRUGGLING with Stubborn Fat & Slow Weight Loss without Resorting to Extreme Torture Workouts or Boring Deprivation Diets...

  • Condition your female body and metabolism to burn more fat and calories every day
  • Improve your body Confidence and banish negative body image & body insecurities  
  • Finally Conquer all your healthy fitness goals & your female body makeover goals too

If what you want is to achieve your fittest leanest healthiest body the easy way and maintain those results without monumental effort then Bodycon Female Fitness plan is for you!

Bodycon Female Fitness plan shows you the REAL secret for female fat loss and fitness so You finally Get Your Leanest Fittest Body by Eating Foods You Enjoy & With Workouts That Are Nowhere Near As Hardcore Extreme Insane As You See Everywhere!

Best of all…

It’s So SIMPLE…Once You Know The blueprint for REAL Female Fat Loss!

So how can this be possible?  How can you eat foods you enjoy and exercise without pain or extreme torture and start losing fat and weight like crazy PLUS get and stay lean and super fit forever?

It’s very simple…It’s actually a lot simpler then you’ve been led to believe.  You see your body was designed to be leaner and fitter than you are right now.

The secret to effective female fat loss and fitness for REAL women is so obvious that it is ALWAYS overlooked and passed over for all those other extreme solutions that ONLY work for fitness freaks that most of us normal women have NOTHING in common with…

Like most things in life REAL female fat loss and fitness is simple but often misunderstood and NEVER fully explained to normal every day women by ANYBODY which is why I finally decided to show women how with a fitness plan that incorporates the simple blueprint that will finally makeover your body fast and forever.  All you have to do is USE this simple fatloss workout blueprint to see how it works.


When you begin to USE bodycon female fitness plan it will only take you a few workouts to understand the simple blueprint that gets you the leanest fittest body makeover results for life.  And the great news is you will SEE your visible results quickly too!   


In fact once you experience the body transformation results you get with this easy to follow fitness plan you will wonder why you ever wasted your time with torture workouts and deprivation diets that only work for extreme athletes, fitness models and bodybuilder chics. 

Bodycon Female Fitness is THE simple blueprint that will get you a fit lean body that makes you feel bodyconfident and that will end your struggle with stubborn fat and slow or no weight loss for life.  


  • Bodycon Female Fitness plan is a 95 page workout ebook & video tutorials plan that includes:
  • Nearly 200 killer fatloss exercises like the ones featured here on the site and in all my videos.
  • 14-29 weeks of challenging fatloss workouts, interval training protocols, interval cardio that you can customize many ways to boost fatloss results.
  • Detailed descriptions and pics of all the exercises, workout guides that you can print easily plus quick videos of all the workouts on password protected pages so that you can see how the exercises are performed
  • 4 page training variables guide that shows you even more ways to manipulate workout variables for increased results.
  • Basic primal pattern movement guide and the simple blueprint for creating your own fat burning circuits so you can continue modifying this plan and maintain your results for life.
  • Plus mobility and flexibility guides to boost fatloss results and so much more...

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  • Your Best Female Figure Fatloss Meals
  • Your Best Female Figure Success Tips
  • Hourglass Waist Eating Plan
  • Your Best Female Figure Quick Fatloss Guide
  • Lose Belly Fat Fast Guide

And right now you can get bodycon female fitness for 50% off... 

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If you trained with me 3 times a week for 14-29 weeks in our personal training studio like most of my weightloss and fatloss clients do, you would pay thousands of dollars for a plan just like this one.

My clients pay that because they need support and don't want to do it alone and they often stay with me long after they've lost the weight because they enjoy coming in to see me for maintenance.

But if you are highly motivated to lose the fat on your own then BCFF plan is perfect for you and costs what my clients pay for 15 minutes of my guidance...

But right now you can get BCFF for 50% off the regular price for a limited time because we are in the process of filming all new full length workout videos for it (4 of those videos are already available as of 1/27/2015 and the rest are coming soon).

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So when you get Bodycon Female Fitness plan you get 7 months of training for a fraction of what trainers charge for one on one, group training, crossfit and bootcamps. 

BCFF plan is a fraction of what celebrity trainers charge for their general fitness workout plans and ebooks that don't include this many effective fat burning exercises, circuits and interval protocols that show you how to maintain your female fat loss results for life!

Here's a quick preview of a few exercises from circuit 1 video...

*All new videos that we are currently filming are 10-20 min. in length and have helpful narration that you can play music with and follow along or mute completely and follow along to your own tunes.

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Here's what women who have used my other workout plans have to say about their results:

  • "Just want to give you KUDOS on so many great exercise and circuits. They are EXTREMELY effective. I've seen my body change over just a few weeks. I think I have more leaner muscle now than in all my years of working out." Melody online bootcamp
  • I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an extensive workout regimen that apply to people of all levels in their workout journey. I've been active all my life,but in the past year, I decided to workout smarter, at a greater intensity and with greater dedication. I've used the routines and they have kicked my butt :) I've become stronger, leaner and more motivated to continue forth. I am still working on my diet (I love to eat... all the time), but at least, I've been able to maintain a weight for more than a year, which I've never been able to do in the past." L. Raymond online workout plan
  • I've been very pleased with your workouts...I used to work out and lift and I never budged from 170 but I was "fit"...Only when I began to use your workouts did the pounds melt away. M. Whitfield online workout plan

If you're frustrated with other fatloss plans that claim you can get lean and fit with quick "intense" workouts but that hasn't exactly worked out for you then bodycon female fitness plan will show you the female fat loss blueprint to getting leaner fitter and healthier faster and forever!

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