bodycon workout 2.0 preview and private access info

by monica

Want to look sexy and feel confident in a bodycon dress or any fitted dress or skirt? My bodycon workout 2.0 burns the fat, strengthens and tones every inch of your body, and builds a round firm toned booty.

Check out a quick preview below. Not all the exercises in this circuit were included in the video so this is not the complete workout.

The full 20 min. workout at full speed with narration will only be available to subscribers, meaning the video will be hidden on youtube as well as password protected here on the site.

If you want access to the full workout including all 5 workout options, tips and so much more be sure to subscribe to your bff tips newsletter. Just enter your name in the form on the upper right hand corner of this page to subscribe.

Why all the hidden content? Loads of reasons but here's just a few:

1. My subscribers and product buyers should get special treatment because you are the ones who are serious about changing your body. You're also the ones who keep this site going : )

2. It would be fun to have a private community of like minded women who are all working towards the same body makeover goals.

3. I'm thinking about offering monthly video subscriptions and coaching to go with my ebooks so this is a great way to test the waters and see if there's enough interest plus I need to see how I can make it work without having to spend a ton of money on software or apps to make it happen.

4. Getting a little tired of lazy trainers, uneducated fitness bloggers, and unscrupulous magazine editors stealing my content and not crediting me or my site for my work. Not sure why people do this but hiding my content is only the first step to protecting all the hard work that goes into this site. The second is getting an attorney to deal with the constant content theft.

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Feb 06, 2014
by: Beeah

I've subscribed many times to your newsletter, checked inbox and spam folder, just in case but for some reason I'm still unable to get you news letter :(

Feb 06, 2014
so sorry you're missing out on newsletter issues
by: monica

Hey Beeah, So sorry you're not getting our newsletter and thanks for posting to let me know.

The way most newsletters work is when you subscribe the system sends you a quick email asking you to click a link to confirm that you and not somebody else entered your email into our list. This protects our subscribers from spammers and scammers who build huge lists of unsuspecting people then sell them to unscrupulous marketers. So the confirmation is for subscriber safety and is standard with most newsletter services.

So when you get that confirm email you have to click the link in it to start receiving newsletters from us. I currently have 23 people who have never confirmed and you are one of those people.

I actually can not get the system to resend that confirmation but will ask newsletter company if there is another solution and try to resolve that for you by this weekend. If you don't get anything from me by next week then maybe you can use another email to subscribe then update your email info after you confirm and receive a couple of newsletters.

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