bodycon circuit videos narration update

by monica

Hey everybody I've tried various headsets and various audio programs in an attempt to narrate the new bodycon female fitness circuit videos that I'm filming/uploading. Unfortunately nothing we've tried is working so we are going to continue trying to fix this issue but I'm also going to continue filming and uploading full length videos with just music. This way you have something to follow along if you need to see how the basic circuit is done or if you need all kinds of exercise modifications.

I will add quick text to explain each round but all you really need to know is that the first round of any circuit video will always be the original circuit that's in your fitness plan pdf and all additional rounds are examples of modifications from advanced and intermediate down to beginner.

The only circuits that will include all modifications of each exercise as I'm doing the exercise are the circuits with tabata intervals. If you have any questions about bodycon circuits feel free to post them here.

Hopefully we will fix the audio issue before too many videos get filmed. Thanks so much for your patience and as promised this plan will remain $14 until all full length fully narrated videos are uploaded and posted to the site.

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