body type shape shifting plan

by monica

I spent the last 7 weeks doing a combination of core and booty circuits to see if I could shift my body type into a more triangle body shape and here's what happened....

As you know I had lost some booty size and inches a while back when I was filming tons of fatloss workouts for my site bodycon female fitness. I was actually starting to look more like a cone than a ruler with some hourglass curves.

Video below is when I was doing/filming bodycon metcon videos for my other site plus filming video for YBFF too. This is way too much total body training for rulers and even some cones and hourglass bodies too. Was hard for me but necessary to get that plan finished.

So after I was finished with all that I spent a few weeks on best female figure plan just recovering from all that total body fatloss training and I noticed my booty started getting full again.

For 7 weeks after that I focused on a fun combination of corset core and love your booty circuits that finally got my hips back up to 35.5" (they were dipping below 34" at one point). My booty was finally starting to look like it had when I first released love your booty plan last Valentine's Day.

I then decided to increase my carb intake to see if this would help with booty mass. I only weigh about 109 lb so I can afford to play around with my diet like this. Some days I was eating 3-4 servings of starchy carbs (rice, pasta, bread, quinoa, potatoes, etc.) per day which is NOT what I recommend in my ebooks for ANY body type that wants a slim waist.

I did not gain any weight and the difference it made on my butt was nothing more than what the workout plan was already doing for me. I did gain an inch on my waist about half way through the plan which is when I started cutting back starchy carbs to the 1-2 servings a day I recommend in all my YBFF plans. If your only goal is a huge butt then you may want to experiment with more starches too but if you also want a tiny waist don't do it!

The BIG difference with this combo plan is that corset core was the only fatloss training I did and it was enough to keep me at the weight/bodyfat and waist size I prefer while still allowing me to target the booty 5 times a week to get it to grow WITHOUT over training. Video below is around week 6 when I really started to notice my hips getting wider/fuller and waist back down to 25" from the inch I gained eating more starchy carbs including unhealthy ones like holiday cookies, pies, tamales, pizza, burgers, fries and tons of other stuff I was eating to push the carb limits for more booty mass. Do not recommend this if you're a cone, hourglass or pyramid!!! Only rulers or trainers can get away with this type of experimental eating.

So these two plans combined got me from a more cone shape back to more ruler with some hourglass curves shape that I prefer so I'm putting this all together into a new improved hourglass curves plan that will be released around Valentine's Day.

I'm currently on a recovery week then going through the plan for another 6 weeks to see what happens. Not sure what to call this new plan though. If you have any ideas let me know below...

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