How to choose the best workout routine for your sexiest female body goals

There are countless "best workout routines" available that you can use to sculpt your sexiest female body.  On this site alone we offer 4 fitness plans for women as well as 3 other plans including: Brazil Butt Lift, the Fitness Model Workout Plan and Figure Competition Secrets training program.  

So how do you choose the best routine or plan for your body makeover goals?  You take the 3 most important factors into consideration and pick the plan that addresses them most effectively...

factor #1:  best workout routine for  most desired result

What is your primary goal and what result do you want most right now from your fitness plan?  Do you need to lose a lot of weight and bodyfat or do you need a plan for a specific body goal like sculpting your best butt or losing fat and carving out an hourglass waist?

The best workout routine will prioritize your body makeover goal and focus on 1-2 things at a time.  Some inexperienced fitness experts who have never worked with real clients for extended periods of time will tell you that you can burn fat, build muscle, tone up, plus reshape your body with one plan but any skilled fitness trainer knows this is impossible to do because each of those goals requires a completely different approach and fitness plan.  

For example when I first got back to workouts after my c-section I was 40 lb heavier than I am now.  I started with pilates and yoga which wasn't doing much for my fatloss then I switched to kickboxing which helped me lose 8 lb but not much bodyfat then I switched to traditional bodybuilding workouts (weights + machine cardio) which helped me lose 7 lb and some bodyfat but it wasn't until I switched to metabolic conditioning circuits that I was able to lose the last 25 lb and get down to athlete level bodyfat that I can now maintain easily.  

If I had been on a metabolic conditioning workout plan (like in this video) from the start I would have lost weight and bodyfat fast then been able to continue with reshaping and sculpting my figure to perfection.  Instead it took me 18 months to get lean and fit.

So ask yourself what you want most right now then get on a fitness plan that is going to get you there the fastest!

factor #2:  best workout routine for your time, body & lifestyle

How much time do you have each day and week to dedicate to a fitness plan and the types of exercises in the plan?  Will you have to join a gym for long tedious workouts or endure quick damaging high impact workouts daily just to get the result you want?  Does the plan come with a sensible eating plan or does it require complicated diet drama that only fitness competitors should follow? 

The best workout routine for your goals must fit your schedule your lifestyle and your body otherwise it will do nothing but frustrate you and make you believe that you're a failure at fatloss and fitness.

In reality it's a bad plan that fails because it doesn't fit your life or your body.

I tried a plan like this a while back that required grueling gym workouts 5 days a week as well as a strict diet of boring foods 6-8 times per day and even though I stuck with it the results were slow and unimpressive plus the repetitive routine trained so much dysfunction in my body that I later had to spend twice as much time correcting faulty movement patterns so I could start getting the results I was after.

So ask yourself if the plan you're looking into makes sense for your life and your body.  If it doesn't then get a workout plan that does show you how to customize to your body so you can get your best female figure quickly and easily.

factor #3:  best workout routine for functionality & sustainability  

Is the plan you're looking into functional?  Will it get you the results you're after without harming your body and will it show you how to sustain a routine and your body makeover results for life?

The best workout routine isn't just focused with short term goals and results, it also must address long term goals and improvements that will help you sustain those results for life.  Like I've mentioned in many youtube videos, there is no point in busting your butt for 12 weeks if you're just going to end up fat and out of shape again shortly after you reach your short term body makeover goal.

So ask yourself if the workout routine you're considering is going to help you get fitter as the years go by?  If not then get on a plan that will improve your body long term so you can keep getting hotter and sexier each year.