best sexy figure exercise:  complex vs. isolation or both?

Since early 2000 the fitness industry experienced a major split between experts who glorify complex exercise while villanizing isolation exercises and those who teach the complete opposite of that.  On the one hand you have complex endorsers such as functional and corrective experts, bootcamp trainers, crossfitters, power lifters and athletic style trainers.  On the other side are the body part bodybuilders, the Pilates and barre pros as well as rehab and posture experts etc. 

At first glance it would appear there is no middle ground but in reality complex movement is really just a progression from more isolate and simple movement.  So below are some basic guidelines (not rules) that I follow with my clients and with my own body in order to improve fitness levels quickly, burn fat more effectively and sculpt a sexy figure more easily!  The booty core burn video below also shows how I address all 4 issues in each workout.  Circuit workout instructions are at the very bottom of page.

best sexy figure exercise tip 1:  are you a beginner or starting over?

If you are new to fitness or starting over after a very long time away from it may be tempting to start with the really hardcore impressive fancy stuff but the reality is your body can't handle it and you will get injured or at best learn wrong movement.  So honestly evaluate where you are and proceed according to your level. 

A majority of YBFF workout plan videos feature various levels for all exercises featured so choose wisely and you'll advanced to the next level more quickly.  Notice in the video below how my spinal rock jump squat includes some beginner variations to help my body because I rarely do this move anymore due to high heel neck complications from burlesque dancing.

best sexy figure exercise tip 2: got serious injury or chronic pain?

Remember back in 2012 when I was training way beyond my level and I hurt my hip so badly that I couldn't even walk around the block without being in excruciating pain.  It took about 10 months of more isolated workouts to get my body functional again then 2 months training basic complex movements before I could really advance to where I am now.  You may not be in as much pain or as injured as I was but any injury or pain syndrome requires more focused work to heal so keep that in mind and scale back on complex moves if necessary.  Notice in video how I'm still doing isolated hip thrusters with ball to really target glutes and prevent old injuries from recurring.

best sexy figure exercise tip 3:  what is your body composition relative to weight?

If you are healthy and injury free and your goal is to lose weight then more isolated  exercise like barre or bodybuilding or Pilates is going to limit your calorie and fat burning making it very difficult to lose the fat weight.  This is the biggest mistake I made when I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now years ago.  If you got major fat to torch stick with more complex movement most of the time unless you are injured. 

If you're dealing with injury, illness or pain then you need to compromise and scale back on the complex moves as well as  on the calories while adding in longer moderate intensity cardio and weight training.   Remember that when you adjust to what your body needs the results come faster with less struggle.  Notice in video how my complex moves outweigh the isolation work but my complex moves still focus heavily on glutes.  There are various ways to address your goals.

best sexy figure exercise tip 4:  what exact fitness and body goal do you desire?

This is by far the most important of all the questions but one that many clients and online visitors fail to address.  Other than getting healthy and toning up what are you training for?  Are you wanting to build visible muscle all over or trying to build up certain body parts while minimizing others?Or maybe you need best sexy figure exercise that also allows for sport or performance goals like me? 

Knowing exactly what you want to get out of your training makes it easy to choose and customize exercises to your needs.   This is when you stop training like other people and actually start giving your body what it requires to get results with less effort and more enjoyment!  Notice in the video how I include fat burning cardio and stretching in my booty circuit.  Every workout every exercise every variable can be manipulated to your needs.  

booty core burn exercises circuit instructions

The circuit featured above is very easy to follow.  Perform 6-10 reps of each move (on each side for some) and repeat up to 4 times no rest between exercises or circuits.  The stretches are your active recovery and are part of the circuit.  You can use a dumbbell, sandbell or any other weight you prefer.  You can wear shoes or do it naked, go slow or fast, do a lot of weight or little weight.  It's your life do what the heck makes you happy and makes you look good!