5 best sexy body moves that also improve your fitness levels like crazy!

There are dozens if not hundreds of moves in all 4 YBFF plans that are intense but also very appealing then there are those moves that are intense and a bit more involved so we avoid them by switching them out for similar moves we like better.  This is totally fine if it keeps you consistent but maybe it's time you gave these crazy challenging moves another try; if your body is ready for the intensity...

best sexy body move 1:  rotating lunge high kick

If you need a move that blasts fat, tones legs, flattens your abs, cinches your waist AND sculpts a sexy booty then look no further than this complex exercise.  The rotating lunge high kick (last exercise in video here) targets every inch of your core and lower body while also improving your cardio endurance, balance, coordination, agility, mobility, flexibility and metabolism too.  Best of all no weight is required to get killer results from this exercise.  

 Downside is this is really not for beginners so if you're new to ybff moves you'll have to perfect the reverse lunge high kick AND the dancing lunge before you can advance to this challenging move.  Both basics can be found in Love Your Booty or YBFF plans. 

best sexy body move 2: flexion extension plank pike 

Even though the full version of this best sexy body move looks kind of scary and is most definitely advanced, a beginner can still  work up to it easily and quickly!  Both YBFF and Corset Core plans show you how.  Best thing about this move is that the more you learn how to fully flex and extend your spine with core control the better you'll be able to do many other advanced exercises on this page or in more advanced ybff circuits.    

Downside is you need to go very slow and really focus on engaging your core with a smaller range of motion which cuts the fat burning but once you get this move down you can go faster and burn lots of fat and calories.

best sexy body move 3 & 4:  the 2 way reverse power thruster

This fun exercise is actually two moves combined into one.  It trains your thighs core and arms a lot harder than most planks or cardio intervals combined.  It also improves lower body strength, core stability and metabolism in a way many other exercises just can't; with advanced level peripheral heart action training.  If you want to learn more about PHAT check out ybff fb.

Best thing is that unlike traditional PHA training that requires a circuit of an upper body exercise then a lower body exercise then a cardio interval this move combines all that into each rep making it super intense and effective for fat blasting, strengthening, slimming and toning.  Downside is the range of motion is deep so this move is not for people with serious knee, hip or back issues.  Also not for people poor coordination or unstable shoulders.

best sexy body move 5:  chair single leg squat hip extension with weight

Ever seen people doing pistols while holding dumbbells or kettlebells or barbells or while holding on to one foot like I did in my youtube pistols video.  As you may have imagined that is one of the best butt exercises around the problems is most people struggle with the stability required to do it correctly.  This is why the chair/bench/platform version of this move is way more effective.  

Best thing is it allows you to train legs core booty hard with challenging weight to add more booty muscle and your technique will improve as you get stronger until you can eventually do the full pistol.  Downside of this is no upper body is involved plus you'll be moving slow so not the greatest move for fat burning but great for building sexy booty!