Best leg exercises for sexy toned legs flat stomach & slim waist

The best leg exercises for lean toned legs can also work double duty and get you a flat stomach and slim waist.  But contrary to popular belief it's not your typical moves like squats and front lunges that work best.  In fact too much super heavy squatting and front lunging can bulk your thighs and core plus interfere with fat burning and toning.  Below are 3 options that help you get the sexy lean toned legs abs and waist you desire...

best leg exercises 1: lateral leap curtsey lunge side kick  

Believe it or not I haven't featured this exercise very much in other articles or in videos even though it's one of the most important exercises in love your booty and bodycon fitness plans.  The reason this is one of the best leg exercises as well as a great flat belly slim waist exercise is that it targets your core and entire lower body in various ways. 

As you lateral leap your calves and thighs work hard to shift your body laterally then as you land your inner thighs glutes and core work hard to stabilize.  So this is a great muscular strength and endurance exercise but it also targets cardio mobility stability and flexibility as well.

If you're new to this move start with the slower version featured in the video here; lateral lunge then pause before you curtsey lunge then slowly come up and pause to balance before you side kick.  If you're more advanced leap big and begin to curtsey lunge as you land then side kick as you raise back up then quickly repeat on the other side. 

You can also eliminate the kick and add a ball chop or ball toss if you want to engage your core and upper body more.   I know I filmed some advanced versions a while back so if I find these videos I'll post them here in the coming weeks :)

best leg exercises 2: suspended single leg squat 

This move is similar to the gliding disc lateral lunge and also to the dancing lunge you've seen in quite a few love your booty videos.  The difference with this move is that it's really a single leg squat AND a lunge.  Because one leg is suspended and moving away from the body as you lower it targets your butt, core and waist in a way no other leg exercises do. 

This move can also be done using a stability ball (as shown in quick video here) but I recommend sticking with the suspended version featured in full body toning video below until you have exceptional core stability and excellent balance. 

If you're new to this move start with just 5 reps on each leg and be sure to do this move before other leg exercises you're already good at.  If it works for you try it another 5 reps on each leg on your second leg circuit.  If you are advanced go ahead and aim for 8 reps on each side on 3 of your leg circuits but again do it before harder exercises so your glutes core and inner thighs are not fatigued and can stabilize you better.

best leg exercises 3:  yoga standing balance poses

I've written about how great yoga arm balances are for toned arms and core strength before but never really raved about how exceptional most leg balance poses are for strengthening and toning the lower body as well as flattening the abs and slimming the waist. 

The reason yoga balance poses are so amazing for sexy legs abs and waist is they require tons of (corset muscle) transversus abdominis activation to help stabilize pulls in the abs and cinches the waist.  They also require a lot of muscular endurance which improves performance in all your other lower body moves.

Some good standing balance yoga poses to try are standing hand to big toe (leg forward or to the side), tree pose, warrior 3, half moon pose, sugar cane pose, half lotus forward fold pose, standing splits pose, eagle pose, chair pose and of course my favorite bird of paradise in video here which is incredibly challenging but super fun!!