Worst & Best Home Workout Equipment for Women Who Want to Burn Fat & Sculpt Sexy Curves

Choosing the best home workout equipment for your sexy body workouts can be tricky.  So many great ads for workout gear that promises to transform our bodies from fat and flabby to fit and fabulous but so few products deliver.

The main reasons for this epic fail is most home fitness equipment is unsafe, or boring or lame or all the above. Here's the truth about what workout gear will burn a hole in your wallet and what exercise equipment can help you get your best female figure faster.

Most Over Rated: Cardio Machines
Most Under Rated: Gymboss Interval Timer

Sure cardio machines burn calories and they're easy to use but that's the problem. Easy "calorie burning" is no match for full body interval workouts that burn 9 times more plus fat plus strengthen, tone, boost endurance and so much more.

Very few cardio machine workouts beat the afterburn effect you get from full body interval workouts that are dynamic, fun, and healthier for your body.  Also a good quality cardio machine is expensive and takes up a ton of space while an Interval Timer is just $20 and attaches to your clothes or your workout mat.

Once upon a time we had a cardio machine (pic above) but all we ever used it for was our warmup and resistance band moves and as a coat rack so we sold it and made space for more effective at home gear workouts.

Most Dangerous: Kettlebells
More Safe: Sandbells or Sandbags

There is no doubt that kettlebell exercises are dynamic and very effective for fitness and fatloss. The problem with kettlebells is they are very easy to get wrong.  It takes a lot of time and tons of coaching to master kettlebell moves. That's both time and money most people would rather not spend waiting for results.

If you like the idea of kettlebells but aren't too keen on the learning curve or the injury factor then try sandbags or SandBells instead.  They're easy to use, fun, and more affordable than a rack full of kettlebells. Dumbbells are also a good substitute for many kb moves which saves you money and time.  Another great thing about sandbells and sandbags is they don't damage your tile or wood floors.  

Most Boring: Pullup Bars
More Dynamic: Suspension Trainers

Pullup Bars are great for pullups and a few hanging ab exercises but what else can you do with them? Not much and that's the problem with this piece of home workout equipment . It's limiting compared to full body workouts on exercise straps.

The suspension trainer is also portable, comes in various price ranges and is excellent for both general fitness and more advanced workouts and exercises such as suspended knee tucks and pikes, rowing, pushups and modified pull-ups as well as cardio intervals and flexibility too.  It also won't leave ugly holes in your wall or tear your door frame to pieces.  Click the links for my workout and review of WOSS pink suspension trainer featured in video here. 

Most Unusable: Ab Wheels & Ab Rollers
More Effective: Gliding Discs

Not only are most ab gadgets overpriced and un-usable by most people they are extremely dangerous for anybody with a dysfunctional core which happens to be most people these days.

Getting a good ab wheel or ab roller workout is impossible unless you already have tons of core stability and core strength so for most people these ab gadgets are just pointless.

The best home workout equipment to strengthen your core and flatten your abs is Gliding Discs.  They can be used for dozens of fat burning core exercises as well as upper and lower body exercises that also target your core and just like those furniture moving sliders which you can also use to workout they will save your back!   Gliding discs are also the best home workout equipment option for women who want waist slimming and curvy booty vs. no butt and core bulking.

Most Absurd: Shake Weight
More Realistic: Green Smoothies & Shakes

Never before has a piece of workout gear inspired so many hilarious parody infomercials which speaks volumes about what a piece of junk the shake weight is. It's been ridiculed on South Park, Ellen, RuPaul's Drag Races and Saturday Night Live.  Even one of my burlesque mentors did an entire comedy act about it.

If you're looking to shake up your fitness results you're better off speed blending some Weight Loss Smoothies or Superfood Smoothies.  As every great fitness trainer loves to say "great abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym" and not with a shake weight either.   Click the links for recipes. 

best home workout equipment reality:

So by now you may be thinking that the best home workout equipment for women is the most affordable and easy to use and you're right!  Like everything in life, simple and practical beats complicated and expensive.