3 things to avoid to Get Your Best Female Body Plus 5 tips for sexy body results

The fitness plateau is one of the top reasons so many women fail to get their best female body.   Not only is being on a body makeover plateau frustrating it also kills your workout motivation which makes it even harder to get your best body ever. 

If you want to achieve your best body makeover quickly and painlessly be sure to overcome the 3 workout rut issues that land you on a fitness plateau. 

Getting Your Best Female Body The Easy Way by Avoiding These 3 Workout Plateau Causes

Workout Rut Issue #1:  Fear - A workout rut usually involves some level of fear of the unknown. People are afraid of how they’ll look or what people will think and say about them when trying new exercises or workouts. Some are afraid of pain, discomfort of any kind, or having to deal with new situations. Fear is the reason why so many people continue doing lame boring exercises that are no longer working and workouts that are not motivating. 

best female body workout tip: Commit to making one small change every 4 weeks. It can be as small as using a different type of fitness gear i.e. sandbell instead of dumbbell or bodyweight cardio instead of machine cardio. Focus on something doable and stick with it for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks keep or discard that change and try something else. This alone can result in 8 pounds of fatloss in 4 weeks vs. no fatloss ever!

Workout Rut Issue #2: Lazy Attitude - Breaking out of a workout rut takes some work. It involves researching new exercises, learning new workout moves, practicing new skills or adopting a new mindset about your body. Breaking out of a rut is like a part time job that most can’t be bothered doing. It’s the reason personal trainers and bootcamp trainers are employed and making 6 figures a year!  The problem is not everybody can afford a trainer or a bootcamp or a $120 fitness dvd set every other month. 

best body ever workout tip: Subscribe to your bff newsletter or visit fitness sites and blogs weekly for inspiration, ideas, or workout tips about what’s new and what’s working for others. Research studies have found that hanging out with other motivated exercisers boosts fitness and fatloss results.

Workout Rut Issue #3:  Misinformation - The most disturbing of all workout rut issues is hanging on to bad information i.e. "so and so said that doing 1000 daily crunches and running 2 miles a day = flat sexy abs" or "eating ___ food every hour on the hour while hula hooping to the oldies has been found to make people lose 100 pounds in 3 weeks". Excuse the sarcasm, but the fact is most people hold on to very outdated exercise info that prevents them from seeking out new better solutions that work.

best female body workout tip: Jot down any fitness and eating strategies you are using right now that you know are not working and get busy finding better information that will help you get results.

This takes a bit of research and your findings may cause you to question EVERYTHING you've been doing but once you find better information and start training smarter, the visible results will amaze you!

More tips to get your best female body: 

  1. Eliminate alcohol for short periods of time to get your best female body then learn to moderate your alcohol calories to maintain your results.
  2. Know the causes of YOUR female weight gain or fat gain and find solutions that work for your unique lifestyle.
  3. Learn how to prevent vacation and holiday weight gain with smart strategies that will help you maintain your best body for life.
  4. Stop allowing pms to ruin all your hard work and gain control of your pms diet drama instead of letting it control your behaviors.
  5. Take charge of your weight loss transformation success by relying on weight loss before and after strategies that work! 

More success tips that work to help you get your best female body in Your Best Female Figure Success Tips ebook.  It's included with all my workout plans.