Best Fat Loss Supplements for Women Who Want A Lean Toned Body with Sexy Curves

The best fat loss supplements for women who want a lean toned sexy female figure are inexpensive, healthy and safe.

They're also supplements that most women who want to lose fat quickly generally overlook but that you should consider taking if you are serious about your health and want an effortless body makeover. 

*Always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements for weight loss, fat loss or health.

Best Fat Loss Supplements for Women

Chia Seeds or Meal - are rich in anti-oxidants and a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, niacin, and zinc. The main benefits of taking chia seeds are they boost digestion, optimize fat and carb metabolism, plus they keep you full and hydrated which reduces appetite and cravings. One 16 oz container of Chia Seeds provides about a month supply and is only $13.

Green Superfoods Drink Powder - is packed alkaline green plant food, powerful raw food antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It works as a natural detoxifier and boosts digestion as well as nutrient absorption. It also balances your pH levels and is very filling. The main benefit of this supplement is that it optimizes metabolism and creates a fat burning environment in the body. The best part is you can use this supplement as a meal. One 16 oz container of green superfoods has 60 servings and is about $39.  

Wellness Formula Capsules - is an amazing blend of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that optimize your immune system as well your health. According to many holistic health experts like Dr. Weil, Paul Chek and Dr. Mercola an optimized immune system is key to higher energy levels, better metabolic function, as well as increased fat burning which all means easier and faster weight loss. One 60 capsules bottle is good for 30 days and is about $6

Organic Whey Protein & Other Supplements - A few other supplements you may need to help you burn the fat and get a lean toned sexy body faster are:  a multi-vitamin to fill in any nutritional gaps, some Organic Whey if you have trouble getting enough protein, Emergen-C electrolytes which keep your minerals balanced and prevent cravings and false hunger, and maybe some green tea as a substitute for unhealthy drinks or nasty diet drinks.   This may be the shortest best fat loss supplements list you've ever seen but the truth is that this and the blueprint below is all you really need to get your best body.   

The Best Fat Loss Supplements + Sexy Body Workout & Healthy Eating Blueprint = Results Faster

Below is a simple healthy eating and a sexy body workout blueprint that you can follow while taking supplements to burn fat and get your lean toned body.  The things that make this plan so effective are adequate portions of organic food that are both healthy and very filling and work in combination with the best fat loss supplements and workouts that boost metabolism 24/7.

Getting a lean toned female figure is much easier when you take a simple holistic approach that boosts health, optimizes fat burning and reduces stress and toxins.  *Always consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan.

Healthy Eating Blueprint

meal 1:   10:30 - superfoods smoothies made with water, fruit, dark leafy greens, green superfoods powder, chia seeds.  You can also add Emergen-C  electrolytes and whey protein plus have 1 cup tea or coffee.

meal 2:  1:30 -  grilled chicken and tons of raw veggies salad or homemade chicken vegetable soup or veggies and egg scramble with feta cheese plus 1 piece of organic fruit and 20 oz glass water

meal 3: 4:30 (optional) - 1/2 cup raw organic veggies w/1 tbsp all natural hummus or salsa or 1/2 cup organic yogurt w/ chopped organic apple or berries plus 20 oz water

meal 4: 6:30 - 3-4 oz hormone free fish, chicken, or beef, 1/2 cup whole grain rice, quinoa, or organic black beans, 1-2 cups steamed organic veggies, 1/2 cup organic dark leafy greens (raw or steamed), 3 Wellness Formula capsules plus 20 oz water

*Notice how all your meals are eaten in an 8 hour window.  This is a trick called a condensed window of eating that I learned last year.  It goes against all the advice you've read about grazing which recent research has found does NOT speed up metabolism or weight loss or decrease cravings or calories.  The reality is that 6 meals a day is not very effective for many women looking to lose fat and get the lean toned sexy body look vs. the super ripped bodybuilder look. 

Sexy Body Workout Blueprint

day 1:  total body fatloss workout plus stretching 30-50 min.

day 2:  lower body fatloss and toning workout plus stretching 30-40 min.

day 3:  core and butt fatloss toning workout plus stretching 30-40 min.

day 4:  fat burning cardio 30-40 min.

day 5:  core and butt fatloss toning workout plus stretching 30-40 min.

day 6:  fat burning cardio 30-40 min.

day 7:  total body fatloss workout plus stretching 30-50 min.

day 8:  active recovery day activity like yoga, hiking, walking, biking, sport of your choice, pilates, dance, rehab exercises, anything lower intensity that burns calories or helps you recover.

The best fitness plan for your body is one that includes a workout blueprint that is right for your unique body type so you can get the best results possible.