4 best exercises to slim back and shrink waist

The best exercises to slim back and shrink waist are not always the most popular with fitness experts.   But the reality from years of practical experience training every day women is that some of those moves that experts rarely recommend are often the most challenging to execute with good technique and are also the most effective when it comes to sculpting a fit feminine core vs. an athletic bodybuilder looking torso. This is especially true if you are a ruler or cone body type or even an hourglass who tends to bulk up top.   Want to lean out your core fast?  Get started with top 4 below....

best exercises to slim back #1:   suspended lunge to single leg plank glute kickback

This move is my #1 go to move when I don't have a lot of time to train and need to keep my back lean and strong.  It burns tons of fat and calories strengthens your upper back, lower back, booty, legs, arms and core and when performed correctly cinches the waist and tightens the back like no other move around.  

The key with this move is to keep the shoulders over wrists and avoid front to back sawing motion.  This requires squeezing the shoulder blades together and down the back as well as contracting your deep abdominals hard.  If you don't have straps you can also do it with one foot on bench, couch or chair.  The single leg stability ball tuck is also another variation of this awesome back slimming move.

best exercises to slim back #2:  Pilates swan dives

The Pilates swan dive on the floor or on a ball is one of the best moves all around for strengthening the entire back and core.  It also trains postural muscles that improve body alignment which creates a leaner looking upper back.  The floor version is the version I teach in my Pilates and dynamic stretching classes because it's beginner level and easier to learn.  The ball version is the one you've seen in a few ybff videos and is excellent for advanced exercisers looking for an extra challenge.   Do not attempt the ball version until you have perfected the floor version.  

best exercises to slim back #3:  single arm twisting tabletop to seated foldover

Of all the back exercises out there this is one of the most dynamic and the one exercise I've noticed makes the biggest difference when it comes to slimming back and cinching waist.  It trains the back in a way that strengthens the shoulders, arms and core without bulking.  It also lengthens hips flexors, rectus abdominis and chest which helps improve posture in a way that makes your back look more narrow than it is.  

When I fail to focus on this exercise I notice that my core starts looking heavier than it really is.  There are many versions of this move.  The one featured in video here involves a diagonal lateral bend instead of a forward fold which is more advanced so if you're a beginner stick with the basic version in Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan until you feel strong enough to try this challenging variation.

best exercises to slim back #4:  jump squat straps row 

Any type of dynamic bodyweight  rows using straps or a rope like the ones featured in this video are going to work like crazy to slim your back and shrink your waist.   The reason bodyweight rows are more effective than isolated rowing with dumbbells or machines is they burn tons of fat and calories as they build functional strength.  Any time you can strengthen and tone while burning fat you avoid building bulky muscles.  

The jump squat straps row is featured at the very end of this video using a rope instead.  If you are not able to attach straps or a rope at home then you can substitute the thera band jump squat from YBFF plans.  Also notice how my legs are bent in many of the exercises and how I'm kicking a leg up or bring the knee in as I jump.  Being able to add dynamic leg movement is what keeps you from overloading your back with weight but allows you to still train very challenging movement that strengthens and melts away nasty bulk while sculpting a toned sexy back.  This is just not possible with machine rows and is very limited with dumbbell rows which is why these types of straps/rope/band moves are featured so much in YBFF plans and videos.