Best exercises for women who want a lean toned body with sexy female curves

If you're goal is strength and general fitness then the most over-rated fat burning exercises pictured here can help you get stronger.  But when it comes to sculpting your fittest leanest toned body with sexy female curves they are complete duds!  Yes these 7 exercises pictured here are not so great for women looking to sculpt a sexy feminine figure.  

Not only do they burn fewer fat and calories while you do them which stalls toning results, they also FAIL to turn up the post workout fat burn too.   If you're like most normal women chances are you're not a big fan of these exercises anyway so you'll probably have no issue replacing them with the best exercises for women looking to get lean and sexy.

Bench dip is one of the most common exercises that women do to get rid of bat wings and "tone up" the arms but the reality is that even though you are pressing some of your bodyweight you are still isolating the tricep muscle and not using any other muscles which means fewer calories and fat burned which slows down your arm fatloss results.  A better alternative to this is the hover press featured below.  The hover press is a full body movement that works your triceps about 10 times harder than a kickback or bench dip and it also targets the entire back core and legs and takes a lot of effort to do which turns up the fat burn both during and after your workout. 

Plank holds are the staple of every bootcamp trainer and fatloss trainer in the world.  The problem with a plank hold is that it's a basic beginner move and is so easy that even an 80 year old lady with shoulder instability or a post pregnancy mom recovering from a c-section can do it (yes, I'm referring to myself).   If you want to turn up the burn you MUST venture away from static planks and start progressing your planks to more advanced versions like lateral plank hops, swinging plank to press, or my personal favorite the plank dive featured in the video here.

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Pull ups and chin ups are one of the toughest exercises around because they're strength moves that require you to pull your entire weight.   But in order for this exercise to be an effective fatloss move you would have to be able to crank out 8-12 of these at a fast pace and with excellent technique and not many women can do that rendering this exercise a complete waste of time in terms of weight loss and fat burning.  If pull-ups are on your bucket list then save them for your non-fatloss workout days and instead get busy with the faster paced modified suspension trainer muscle up or the twisting straps row featured in video above.

Traditional pushups are also a strength move that even my male clients can't do correctly or quickly enough to burn a lot of fat and calories.  Again if your goal is to speed up fatloss and weightloss save these for your non-fatloss workout days and instead get busy with the squat thrust to medicine ball press, squat thrust sandbell slam with or without press, or the inverted scorpion press sit thru featured in video here.  Not only do these exercises work more muscle groups than basic pushups they challenge your endurance systems and improve flexibility, mobility, coordination, agility, balance, and power too.

Single leg squat or pistols look and sound like a hardcore move but to do them correctly you actually have to slow your pace way down which slows down the pace of your entire fatloss workout.  But don't misunderstand and think I'm saying pistols are bad.  They're actually an excellent move for hip stability and glute development that you should do on days when you're not metcon training and looking for maximum post workout after burn.   If you want to target the glutes and entire lower body while burning maximum fat and calories try a twisting hick kick, lunge jump medicine ball knee drive or my personal favorite the twisting lunge straddle thrust featured in video above.

Step ups or walking lunges with heavy weight is exactly like hiking up a mountain with a heavy pack.  It recruits major booty muscle and is amazing for building round firm glutes, a strong lower body and really great endurance but these moves are really not ideal for weight loss or fat burning.  A better option is to lose the heavy weight and do stair sprints instead (wear a lighter weight vest if you like).  Stair sprints or interval step sprints which can also be done on a chair is the equivalent of trail running up steep hills and it torches calories and fat like crazy.  It's what helped me lose the last few pounds of fat quickly 12 years ago.

Tuck jumps or box jumps are sports performance moves that improve power and agility.  The problem with these high impact exercises is that 80% of the population has no business doing these high performance moves which is why Crossfit and HIIT workouts featuring these moves are often described as "an orthopedic surgeons dream come true" .  You have to be a highly conditioned athlete to perform these exercises with excellent technique and at a pace that will get you the calorie burn and post workout fat burn you're after WITHOUT getting seriously injured.  If you want to burn the fat and save your knees and hips from permanent damage try lower impact cardio moves at a faster pace such as squat thrust to high kick, squat jack with medicine ball toss, or any of the moves featured  above.