Love Your Booty plan

Ready to:

  • Lose unwanted thigh & belly fat?
  • Get rid of stubborn lower body cellulite?
  • Lose bulky thighs and get lean toned sexy legs?
  • Sculpt a sexy curvy firm toned booty?
  • Get in amazing shape and improve your overall health?
  • See visible results fast without over-training or obsessive dieting?

You CAN makeover your butt and get YOUR best butt ever faster.  The secret is - booty type training...

The realty is the female body comes in 4 basic body types and the booty comes in 4 basic shapes and the more you customize your workout routine to your unique body type the better your booty looks and the faster you makeover your butt and legs.

The trick to getting results with body type workouts is knowing what training variables to manipulate and how to manipulate them and that is exactly what Love Your Booty Workout Plan shows you how to do. 

Love Your Booty includes only the best booty exercises AND the most effective personal training tricks and tips I've learned in my 12 years of one on one training so you can train right for your booty type and get your best butt ever.  It also includes 5 additional bonuses to speed up your butt makeover results...

When you customize the best butt exercises & workouts to your body you get your best butt faster & forever...

Does it make any sense to do something that works for somebody who has a different body type, body shape and booty shape than you.  Of course not but most butt makeover plans train all women as if they have the same body which means only some women get great results while other struggle to get a booty they love.

Love Your Booty includes workouts that are time efficient and simple and that are 100% customizable to your body so that you feel and see the results quickly.

You can also combine love your booty circuits with all your other favorite workouts for a balanced weekly workout routine that you enjoy.  You can even combine them with routines included in all the bonuses for even faster results.

Here 's What Love Your Booty Includes to Help You Get your toned curvy sexy booty..

  • quick booty assessment guide and booty type workout schedules that show you exactly what workouts to do each week for your unique body type
  • dozens of  the best butt exercises described in detail on individual pages with large pics and various modification options
  • the best butt workout routines for your best butt ever on individual ready to print sheets with workout instructions and thumbnail pics for quick reference plus links to workout videos of all workouts
  • training varibles guide that shows you how to manipulate the most important training variables to get the best results for your unique body type

The easy to print workout sheets with pics & workout instructions plus detailed exercise descriptions and links to workout videos make it simple to get your best butt ever...

  • quick fat burning warmup routine for better booty workout results
  • fitness gear lists and tips that show you how to use basic equipment or ramp it up with additional equipment
  • the best lower body stretches for your best butt with detailed instructions pics and link to various stretching videos plus quick stretching tips for faster recovery
  • plus workout tips, my own booty pics, workout motivation story, incentive plan tips and so much more to help you focus on getting your best butt ever

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You Also Get 5 Bonuses with Love Your Booty Butt Makeover Plan To Speed Up Results Including:

1.  Corset Core Hourglass Waist workout plan

2.  Corset Core Hourglass Waist eating plan

3.Your Best Female Figure workout plan

4.  Your Best Female Figure success tips

5.  Your Best Female Figure fatloss meals

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Love Your Booty was designed to help you makeover your booty fast with a workout schedule that is right for your body...

I actually use this plan to keep my 44 year old booty in shape but most importantly...

I used my 14 years of experience training one on one female clients and customizing workouts for them to make this workout plan simple and practical for busy women who don't want to spend hours in the gym or hours obsessing over their diet. 

Very little equipment is actually required and you can do the workouts anywhere.

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Clients who hire me for this type of custom program design pay $1560 for 24 one hour sessions and this plan is exactly what I do for them and what I teach them to do on their own so they know how to maintain their results without me.

So when you get Love Your Booty Butt Makeover Plan you are getting exactly what my clients pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for in person.  The only difference is you are not getting the one on one training but you can ask me questions here on the site if you ever have any!

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  • If you've tried regular booty workout plans that are not customizable to your body type and that got you lame results that didn't last then you're going to love this workout plan and love your booty even more. 
  • If you enjoy my workout videos you're going to love this workout plan and love the visible results it gets you fast. No matter what body shape, booty shape, fitness level, or age you are you will finally get the booty you love and keep it that way.
  • If you've tried more expensive plans and are looking for a way to transition into your own custom workouts you're going to love this plan too and get an even better booty you love for life.

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