3 core moves that also happen to be the best butt exercises for your sexiest booty ever!

According to scientific research the 3 core moves I've been posting videos and articles about for the past 4 years also happen to be the best butt exercises.  To be honest I had never seen or heard of these research studies until recently but I had read plenty of books on functional training in the past 14 years to know that squats, lunges  and pistols were not the best moves for getting sexy assets and a tiny waist. 

All my functional training studies are actually the reason I created love your booty and corset core plans because not many butt workout sites or plans out there were featuring the best moves for a functional and sexy butt and a slim waist.  If you haven't tried these top 3 moves yet then be sure to get started with the beginner versions below then progress to the advanced versions of each move as you get stronger.  

3 best butt exercises according to researchers and functional training experts

1.  Front plank with hip extension - The basic version of this exercise pictured here is one of the most important moves in every ybff plan because once you can do it with excellent technique you can try all kinds of advanced versions of this move that burn even more fat and calories while still targeting your booty and waist cinching.  

Some of my favorite advanced versions of this move are the tripod twist to single leg down dog you've seen in tons of ybff videos and the alternating mountain climber to single leg downdog from bodyconfit plan.  The suspension trainer single leg lunge to plank glute squeeze pictured at the beginning of this article is also a very advanced version of this move.

Of all 3 best butt exercises this one was found to activate your booty the most...

2.  the "glute squeeze" Yes believe it or not this is the non-scientific name that researchers used in their butt study for this move and if you're as confused by it as I was when I read it then don't feel bad.  What they really meant to say was a supine or prone glute contraction which requires 90 degrees of knee flexion and 0 degrees of hip flexion.  As you know from last week's article on the best squat trick for better glute activation this is the move that another group of researchers found activates the gluteus maximus the most.  Below are two ways to do the "butt squeeze" otherwise known by fitness professionals as the bent leg hip extension. 

The supine butt squeeze with both feet on floor is best for beginners and adding a weight makes this best butt exercise even more effective.  If you don't have a 20 lb sandbell like the one in video here then just use dumbbells or a weighted bar.  You can also do the one foot on ball or chair or suspension trainer version with opposite leg straight up to make it 10x harder but lose the weight for these versions.

The prone butt squeeze version is one of my favorite moves featured in various ybff plan.  You can do it on a stability ball as featured in ybff plan or on the floor as featured in corset core plan.  You can also do it from various plank positions.  The alternating sit thru press with glute squeeze shown here and featured in bodyconfit plan is probably one of my personal favorites.  Notice how the leg stays bent which makes this different to the single leg downdog butt squeeze.

This final move combines all 3 best butt exercises into 1 saving you time and making your routine more fun!

3.  Side plank with dominant leg on top - Yes!  It's a scientific fact that the yoga side plank targets your butt even better than squats lunges pistols and all those other moves you hear gym junkies raving about.  That's why I've filmed so many versions of it over the years.  The one pictured here is the basic alternating side plank featured in ybff, corset core and bodyconfit plans.  Once you master this you can try really challenging side planks like the Pilates ball knee in glute kickback to side plank knee-in which is actually a combination of all 3 best butt exercises in this article.  How cool is that!       

If you're looking for an even more advanced side plank how about the flying warrior pictured lower right here.  That is probably the hardest plank and weirdest of the best butt exercises you could ever do.  I still can't fully do it but it's always fun trying.  

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