3 awesome gliding disc exercises for your best butt and best body ever!

Just because an exercise looks awesome and it helps other people get their best butt and body doesn't mean it will work for you.  In the new gliding disc exercises video below I share 3 gliding moves that all burn fat and calories but that target each body type differently.  So even though all 3 originate from the same movement patterns the outcome and result is quite different which is why it's important to learn as much as you can every chance you get about exercise variations so that you know how to modify to get your best booty and your best body shape. 

The best butt and body gliding disc move depends on your unique body type...

Notice how all three gliding disc moves in the video involve 3 basic movement patterns squat or lunge, bend, and press.  To the untrained eye these three moves practically look the same but if you've been hanging around here at ybff long enough you know that the basic primal movement patterns is where the similarities end!

Move 1:  Targets the upper body and core hard which is great for triangle types or even hourglass types with generous bottoms who struggle to balance out a much smaller upper body.  Not only will this version help build up your upper body a bit it will also burn enough calories and fat from your entire body helping to take fat off the lower half without bulking it!

Move 2:  Targets the entire body and turns up the calorie and fat burn with much larger movement it never focuses too much on one area so if you're an hourglass or even ruler body in the process of losing weight and body fat this is an ideal move for you.  

Move 3:  Targets the lower body hard and the core and upper body minimally which is ideal for cones or rulers who struggle to gain or maintain mass on their assets.  Notice how the move is much slower than the others which is also key for body types that do not struggle to burn the fat or maintain weight.

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why debates about the best butt exercise are totally pointless unless they are relevant to your shape!!!

I recently came across a fun debate on one of my instagram posts about whether the exercise I was doing was the best butt move or not.  It was a very spirited discussion by a group of friends who I don't know and who's body types or goals I also don't know.   

Many years ago I would have argued that only the version I was doing was the best because that is what worked for me but now that I'm older and wiser and more experienced with training various body types I know better than to make that kind of general statement.  There is no best exercise for anybody or any body part.   

There is only what works for your unique body at this point in your fitness journey meaning that this can change over time too so even what works now may one day no longer work.  This is why it's so important to not just be a follower of workouts but to actually learn how movement affects your unique body and to learn how to adapt things so that exercise continues to be effective for your body long term.