12 best booty exercises & tips to make your booty pop! plus 3 more booty pop options...

It's not easy to maintain a voluminous booty when you're a ruler or cone body type if you're constantly doing cardio and metabolic training which is why I'm constantly recommending that you take it easy with metcon and interval cardio if you don't have a big booty naturally. 

Of course if you're training for a sports specific goal like a  marathon, hiking trip (like the one I take every summer) or other cardio focused activity that's important to you then you will have to accept loss of assets BUT not to worry!  If you train right for your booty type when you're not training for a cardio goal then getting your sexy backside pumped back up is easy and happens quick if you focus on the best butt exercises. 

Get started with my 12 best booty exercises for a curvier fuller booty below and remember to refer to the training variables guide in Love Your Booty plan for frequency, reps, sets that are right for your booty type.

best booty exercises & circuit tips

Perform 300 reps of all the exercises below.  You can distrubute the reps any way you like as long as you do all the exercises in a circuit.  The numbers below is how many reps I did on each side the first time I tried this circuit but trying it a different way next time.   In the video here I just completed 12 reps of each move then rested and repeated the circuit for8 reps each move.  

  • ankle weight booty kickback - 15 each side
  • ankle weight chair hip extension - 15 each side
  • ankle weight reading rainbow - 15 each side
  • lizard knee in hip extension - 10 each side
  • db curtsey lunge glute kickback pulse - 15 each side
  • killer ninja db swaying booty squat - 10 each side
  • mini band hop side kick - 15 each side
  • mini band passe attitude - 15 each side
  • mini band jacks - 20 total
  • straps or gliding disc bridge slide - 10 each side
  • straps or ball single leg bridge + leg lift - 10 each side
  • straps or gliding disc plank wipers - 20 total
  • optional booty pop dance (see Keaira's how to video below)

If you do the best booty exercises at the right frequency for your booty type and body type you should start to see results within 10 days and if you incorporate this circuit into Love Your Booty plan then you'll see a massive difference in booty size within 3 weeks no kidding!  More tips below...

3 more booty pop options if you dare...

Now once you start getting more mass on your assets you may want to enhance the look of your booty more with some booty pop panties or some butt lifting jeans.  

Booty pop is just like a padded push up bra  or like boob implants and nobody seems to care anymore about fake enhancing these days so why not pad your butt if you feel like adding more volume.  I've never tried it BUT I do own a pair of butt lifting jeans that make my butt look rounder and love them so much I wrote a review about them.  

booty pop circuit tips:

  1. This is a giant circuit so you only need to go through it once.  You can also do what I did in the video and change up the reps add rest then do it twice. 
  2. Keep abs slightly contracted and squeeze the butt hard when doing ankle weight moves. 
  3. Keep tension on the mini band the entire time your using them. 
  4. Place arms or hands anywhere that provides the best balance for you. 
  5. Use deep abds for stability with mini band moves and db moves. 
  6. If you don't have straps you can use gliding discs for sliding bridge and for plank wipers or place foot on ball or bench for 1 leg bridge leg lift BUT discs/ball are nowhere near as intense as straps. 
  7. The order of exercises matters a lot. Do the exercises in the order listed unless you're strong and advanced then you mix up the moves and try isolation moves before complex moves. **If you don't have good core or hip stability just follow the video.  Remember that pre-fatiguing a muscle by isolating it makes lunging and squatting more challenging so you need a strong functional core and glutes to get the benefit of this technique otherwise you just end up training bad form and dysfunction.

Want even better results from MY best booty exercises?  booty pop dance time!!!

Getting great results and want to make your booty pop more?  Finish up your circuit with a fun booty pop dance.  The awesome Keaira LaShae of Daily Burn shows you how in the video or  you can also try some sexy dancing from my burlesque inspired fitness videos

Dancing is fun and nobody has to know that you twerk or sexy dance, except for me of course but don't worry I won't tell anybody that you booty dance when nobody's watching.  And it's o.k. to dance even when people ARE watching just make sure you don't hurt a small child while you're busting a booty move like this crazy mother did.