5 fun facts for your best booty ever!

There is so much information at ybff about what the best butt exercises are, how to improve your unique booty shape, and how to train your booty in a way that benefits your unique fitness goals and lifestyle...

BUT this quick fun facts article covers the booty facts that are often overlooked when you're in a rush to build bootylicious assets!  Always keep these facts in mind when planning your weekly butt workouts and be sure to click the links for more great info on each fun fact...

your butt is large & in charge

Your gluteus maximus is called that for a reason.  It is one of the largest muscles in the body and like the core is involved in everything you do from walking to sitting to balance and stability.  This is great news because it means your booty can handle more training and more intensity.  So not only can you train it more often to build more booty muscles this will also burn more fat!!!  The only women who don't need more butt work for their best booty or body are pyramid types with very generous bottoms.   For you lucky ladies a little butt training goes a long way!!

more butt = less gutt and more curves

Because your glutes are one of the largest muscles groups training them actually shrinks your belly and slims your waist especially if you're a cone or ruler body type  who tends to pack bulk on your core and upper body. 

Any time that I cut back on butt training I notice that my core starts to look more filled out and my figure less curvy and more boxy.  Got core bulking issues?  Focus on your booty more times per week and you'll see the visible difference quickly!

endless booty training options!

Unlike your upper body which is limited to mostly pressing and pulling the butt can be trained with a wide variety of exercises and equipment as shown in video here.  Your butt workout options are literally endless which means more interesting and challenging training which in turn gets you even better results.  Your butt can even be trained during many upper body and core moves and while sexy dancing which makes it way more awesome than your chest!  

hips don't lie when it comes to best booty fitness

The stronger your glutes (your glutes = your hips) the less back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain you'll experience in your lifetime.  You're also less likely to fall, get injured doing your activities of choice and suffer from terrible posture syndromes that cause degenerative arthritis and other joint issues.  Having strong glutes also increases hip mobility and flexibility which allows you to move any way you like so if you've always wanted to shake it like Shakira does below get busy with butt work!

booty lovin is all you need to get your best booty

The current trend in body standards is for the bigger booty.  If you don't have one then this could make you feel like a flat butt loser but the truth is ALL butt shapes can get super sexy with the right booty exercises

Having killer assets simply requires that you learn to LOVE the shape you were born with so that you can focus on exercises and workouts that will transform it into the best shape it can be.  The more you focus on loving YOUR booty the better the outcome of all your workouts.  Never ever forget that!