When & how to reset your healthy eating and best body workout routine

You've worked hard to get to your current fitness level but you really would like to keep improving so why do you feel unmotivated or maybe like you are going backwards?  Well if you've been working hard on your health and fitness for a few years or your whole life this may just be a sign of burn out from your old routine which means that you need a break from everything you've been doing but not the kind of break where you 

kick back and do nothing and eat chips & cookies.   The kind of break you need is a clean break from your old goals routine and any outdated info that is holding you back from the next level of fitness.  For example:  

I felt beyond burned out on daily smoothies for the past 4 years so I found myself reaching for other sugary foods or mindlessly snacking but not feeling satisfied so I finally took the time to log meals and energy levels for a few weeks and noticed that my body was needing a more even distribution of fruit sugar throughout the day. 

Resetting your healthy eating routine...

So now instead of  some kale with my fruit smoothie then no fruit the rest of the day,  I'm having some fruit with most of my meals.   Ive had days when I've even had salads with a bit of fruit for breakfast and others when I've had small serving of fruit with a spinach omellette.  It was a small change that made a huge difference in my energy levels and is helping me stick to healthy eating. 

Resetting your best body workout routine

Another example of reworking things is my break from daily workouts.  I used to train 6-7 days  a week for many years now (4 days butt work 1 day total body 1 day upper 2 days intervals 1 day yoga flow).  BUT with all the performing I've been doing I realized this was hurting instead of helping my body so I cut back to 4 days which at first felt like complete torture.  

I'm a movement person and I love exercise so forcing myself not to workout daily was really hard but helped me figure out what was missing from my routine.  One of those things was core work that also stretches my legs as shown here: 

I then added what I realized I needed back in but am still only up to 5 workout days per week and 2 of those days are fairly moderate or involve random exercises as shown in these two videos.   I would not have figured this out if I kept pushing the same old routine though...

It took me most of this summer to figure out a new best body workout which is the reason I created my new Sexiest Female Figure plan - a more intuitive plan that lets you mix things up more freely as you get fitter!  This is perfect because the holidays are just around the corner and I feel more adaptable yet motivated than ever to keep improving and getting healthier.  

I am so relieved now to not been feeling as frustrated as I did the summer months when I felt like I was failing at getting fitter and healthier because my best body workout routine from years ago was no longer doing it for me.  

So I encourage you to experiment with breaks from the old with random movement and exercise combos and circuits that are slightly different that what you have been doing.  Your Sexiest Female Figure is great for that!  But also listen closely to your body and don't force anything.  The solutions you need will just appear when you step away from the familiar.  Then you'll know what the best body workout is for your body now vs. your body years ago.