3 fun & challenging moves for your best body shape

There's 3 exercises you're probably not doing that get you your best butt and best body shape.  They are challening but also fun, they correct posture, strengthen core and glutes, tone legs and arms, boost cardio & flexibility and make you look bootylicious and sexy.  What else could you ask for right?  Oh you also need options for adding them in to your weekly workout routine?  I covered that too so you can get started today...

best body shape exercise #1:  figure 4 squat

The figure 4 squat is like the single leg squat's distant cousin.  The movement pattern is similar but it's much easier to do, can be done with a variety of equipment and even progressed to a yoga  arm balance as seen in video here.  The version I featured in my cabaret corset core video for subscribers is the best one to try because it's slower and allows you to use support.  You can also use straps for this move as shown in youtube video below.

This looks easy but is very effective because it stretches your glutes while improving lower body strength without bulking your thighs.  It also improves core stability, balance, coordination and cinches your waist.  If you're adding in the fun arm balance after each set of reps then you're also working arms shoulders and back.  

If you want to add this move to your routine for a while just replace any slower paced squat or gliding disc lunge with this one and you'll begin to notice a big change in posture that makes you look taller and leaner plus more core and glute stability and strength as well as overall flexibility. 

best body shape exercise #2:  suspended reverse table

The suspended reverse tabletop is one of the most challenging exercises in terms of coordinating multiple muscle groups to work together in a very functional way.  That is the reason this exercise is amazing for inner thighs, butt, lower and upper back, deep abdominals and arms too.  It also improves balance, coordination, posture and breathing which are all key for effective fat burning.  It can be done on straps on ball or with just body weight as shown in videos here.

If you've never tried this don't be surprised or get frustrated at how difficult it is.  Instead FOCUS and engage your back by contracting shoulder blades in and down the back, contract deep abdominals, use glutes to lift and use inner thighs to keep legs together and knees pointing up.  Your head can be slightly forward or if you feel comfortable you can tilt it back on every rep.  The general consensus when I did this with my Pilates class the other day was wow, I didn't know the stability ball could be this challenging!  Want to add this to your weekly routine?  Try my burlesque ball fitness workout

best body shape exercise #3:  the lawnmower!

The lawnmower pull is as strange as it sounds and feels as strange as it looks in the youtube and instagram videos here.  You start on the floor facing up holding straps with one hand overlapping the other then you pull yourself completely off the floor as you twist your body so you end up standing facing the floor at an angle.

If you've been doing power pulls, squat jump rows, inverted rows, twisting rows or modified muscle ups on the straps this is a great way to challenge yourself and train your booty, back, core, arms and chest in a way that is super fun and also super functional for daily life.  Just getting started with exercise straps?  Be safe and wait to try this until you can do modified muscles ups easily.  Need more fun dynamic moves to mix up your workout routine?  Follow ybff instagram where I post better body shape exercises, meals and fun inspiration weekly.