best female figure Halloween costume ideas for 2016

by Monica

Halloween 2016 is officially the year of the offensive & creepy costume with a sexy poo emoji trending, killer clown freaks, and political statement costumes that are guaranteed to get you dirty looks or life threats. I'm gonna take a wild guess that you would rather go as a kickass female who's got her life handled so here are 5 best female figure Halloween costume ideas that will make people happy YOU showed up at their party.

Before we get into the 5 Halloween costume ideas let's talk about the no-sew trick that turns 1 robe into 5 costumes. Step 1. cut the robe open down the back side. I simply placed it on an ironing board weighed it down with dumbbells and started cutting down the back center portion. 2. Apply fray check along the edges of both sides to prevent fraying. You can sew in a zigzag stitch if you do sew. 3. Optional: remove the nasty velcro closure that constantly snags the robe and add a snap. Not necessary but nice.

Halloween costume idea #1: Sister Mary Eunice from American Horror Story . I don't know about you but this possessed nun scares me to death and reminds me of the nuns at my elementary school hahaha. This costume is so easy the trick is to wear red lingerie or sexy dress underneath. That's why the robe is cut in back so people can see the devil that lies beneath the holy exterior. If you want to look really possessed wear some jeweled devil horns on top.

Halloween costume idea #2: Post Apocalyptic Survivalist. According to experts the world is about to implode so may as well dress the part and be prepared with a gasmask and some form of hunting/defense weapon. The trick to this costume is wrapping the robe around to make it look Jedi like then layering leather and faux fur pieces over it. You can wear skinny jeans or leggings underneath. This is my personal favorite because that crossbow pistol is so cool!!

Halloween costume idea #3: Voodoo High Priestess. You can't go wrong with bones and cool head attire! For this one I wore bone print leggings, bone shoes and a top hat with skulls or a headdress plus carried a gold skull in one hand. The robe goes over leggings and the opening looks best to the back but can also be worn to the front. You can add a skull or bone necklace and or belt, wear a bone top or plain top, and paint your face like a half skull as well. A great example of this over on the YBFF pinterest Halloween board.

Halloween costume idea #4: Rockin A Resting Witch Face. There are many ways to dress like a witch but my preferred witch look is rock n roll. I wore the robe with opening to front then layered my Prince corset and jacket (I use these for a purple rain burlesque act) then just open the robe enough to reveal the front of the leggings. I wore the bone leggings again because I could not change when we were out taking pics but plain or studded leggings would look better. Add a big witch hat and a broom you can air-guitar on and you're ready to rock.

Halloween costume idea #5: Sexy Masquerade Ball Femme Fatale. Going to one of those sexy adult parties like the Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball or the Victorian Fetish Ball? You won't need much clothing so wear a strappy bodysuit or sexy lingerie under a robe with opening to the front. To finish your look layer a white mask under a gold masquerade mask under a feather headdress like something out of Eyes Wide Shut. Not for the shy or inhibited!

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