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I am a former figure competitor and know how to get lean if I work my butt off and eat like a bird, my problem is I'm getting ready to have orthoscopic surgery on my back and will be down for a few wks. I have a lot of muscle , and pretty much ur classic mesomorph body type! That being said if I'm not not doing interval cardio or plyometrics with clean eating I tend to put a nice healthy layer of fat on. I have very thick skin and my waste and arms can tend to look very bulky!Ive been laid up for 2 wks and not great workouts for about 2-3 months! Slowly body fat is creeping! Diet not spot on I have two kids and I'm injured and its hard to cook right now! Ugh I don't know what to do feeling self conscious, I'm tired of my workouts and the way I feel about my body taking over my life! So what I'm getting at,i love the idea of having a more toned hourglass feminine look, any suggestions on how to work my way towards that, lifting and plyometrics is how I know to keep body fat down but it also creates more masculine look, so how to stay somewhat lean but still look feminine with a shapley waist, and lose a bit of muscle. This back injury is my second time getting surgery from herniated disc! It has brought me to this place of wanting a routine that makes me feel good and gives me energy not suck the energy, and go for a diff look which ur article has inspired me to do! Please help me me! I have been searching for yrs for someone who understands how my body type works and how to work with it! Genetically blessed with a very proportionate build but tend to look thick! This is the first website I've found that excites me such as how Pilates is a natural corset! By the way despite injury I will be able to workout again Soon.Thank u and I will anxiously wait ur reply! Cortney

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Jun 03, 2013
core function is key to lean toned sexy hourglas figure
by: monica

If this is the second time you're having surgery for a herniated disc and you're tired of dieting and how draining your workouts are and how easily you start packing on the fat if you're not constantly doing interval cardio and plyo workouts then best female figure is for you but first you need to rehab your core big time.

I know exactly what it's like to struggle with horrific back/hip/knee pain and fat gain from dance injuries especially as you get older and I totally understand how frustrating and depressing it can be plus how it can really damage your self esteem long term in ways that I don't have room to explain here.

Just looking at your build I can tell that you have no trouble getting lean or ripped but the way your abs are protruding even at such low levels of bodyfat is a clear indication that you have serious core dysfunction that needs about 6 months of rehab at least!!

The good news is you can rehab your core in a way that also burns fat and gets you a less bulky more hourglass toned female figure. My workout plan Corset Core Hourglass Waist shows you exactly how.

It include core function tests that you can do to determine your level of core dysfunction and also includes Your BFF plan so once you rehab your core and shrink your waist you can get busy with a more enjoyable workout routine that you can customize to both your body type and your fitness level (in other words you can make the workouts as hard as you need to or as easy as you want to).

The key thing is to restore core function so you don't need to deal with frustrating injuries that make you gain fat easily and make your abs protrude and your waist look manly. Those are actually symptoms of major core dysfunction but like I said can be easily fixed with simple exercises that also burn fat. My ebook shows you all that and so much more plus has a sensible easy to follow hourglass waist eating plan that will help you transition off those obsessive compulsive figure eating diets that are not natural or healthy for you either : )

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