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sexy figure stretching strategies

I recently filmed a live sexy stretch session on my private feed for small group of artists. When I posted a pic of it after on my performer feed I got

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hardass workout

The hardass workout you need for tight toned assets a slim waist super fit body. SUBSCRIBER CONTENT

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BADA$$ 21 day workout option starts tomorrow

Missed out on week 1 of BADA$$ core workout booty challenge? It's not too late to join us and get in on 21 days of workouts motivation tips prizes and more. 25% OFF offer expires at 9:30 PM tonight. Click link for details...

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hip thrust exercise

Best ways to do the hip thrust exercise at home for killer assets and strong sexy booty. SUBSCRIBER ONLY CONTENT

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fears vs. dreams fitness inspiration and motivation

It's been a long time since I wrote a more inspired post about motivation and because spring is almost here, which is when serious body transformation

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sexy body secrets

Are you overlooking the 7 sexy body secrets for effortless bodyfat maintenance and your fittest sexiest body for life? So intuitive and so.....

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BADA$$core booty workout challenge starts March 5

So excited spring break is just around the corner! We are moving on from sexy winter workouts to nice weather body routines and the BADA$$ core booty

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curvlicious body workout

Curvlicious body workout includes some of the best butt lifting, thigh firming, waist cinching, flat abs moves. It also improves total body strength, core and glute activation, endurance, metabolism and SUBSCRIBER CONTENT

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Love Your Body Valentine's Day Inspiration

If you follow on instagram or are a member of YBFF fb group then you probably saw my love your body underwear yoga from a few days ago. A quick and much

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Love Your Body Vday Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day! Got a Love Your Body Giveaway happening today. Two super easy ways to enter to win a YBFF plan with coaching. Details at link or instagram or in your inbox :)

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high heels workout

The high heels hottie workout improves your entire body and is not an actual high heels workout so no heels required ever!

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cheat meal

3 simple cheat meal tips that prevent fat gain. Knowing when, how, and why to cheat is the real cheat solution

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gliding disc diy quick cheap easy effective

Just started heart booty workout challenge with a small group of motivated ladies and to help remove all obstacles I went live with gliding disc diy tips

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lazy butt workout

This lazy butt workout takes 4 min. is done laying on the floor and is great building strong toned sexy booty

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Best exercises for heart shape booty workout challenge

So excited Jan. is almost over so we can focus less on fat burning workouts and more on BOOTY WORKOUTS! which are my favorite to do and film and share.

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YBFF fb group is kicking ass blasting fat and getting sexy! Join us...

Due to fb decision to stop showing people posts from pages and show them mainly posts from friends family or very high traffic feeds, I decided to unpublish ybff page forever BUT we got a fb group and it's filling up fast with tons of motivated ladies and kickass workouts. Hit the link and ask to join. Week 2 of free 21 day challenge starts today for those serious about getting results!

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YBFF Newsletter freebies and more

Not into joining fb groups just to get freebies but still want Your Best Female Figure Quick Fatloss plan for free? Sign up for the newsletter and get it directly in your inbox. You got nothing to lose and all kinds of freebies and more to gain!

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FREE Quick Fatloss plan in YBFF fb group

Holidays are officially over and if you are ready to get going with your fitness this year then just grab the YBFF Quick Fatloss plan over in fb group. I'll be posting workouts, meals and tons of video and tips for next 21 days to help you get results fast.

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healthy detox

7 quick easy healthy detox meals that boost metabolism, energy, fat burning and get you that fit healthy sexy body!

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Last YBFF workout of 2017 is up on blog and here

Happy New Year's EVE! The last YBFF workout of 2017 just posted to the 12 days of fitness series for news subscribers OR get it in new YBFF fb group Sexy Body Tricks & Secrets for Females ONLY by following this link. It's easy to join if you're female. If you're a dude it's $1,000,000,000 hahaha

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12 days of fitness

12 days of fitness until the new year! Say no to holiday weight gain with this simple workouts plan and start the year off with a revved up metabolism for your best female figure. Subscriber Content

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Your Sexiest Female Figure Plan 20% OFF Code

YSFF plan is 20% OFF and includes a kickass upgrade in Jan. sent directly to your email. Details and discount code are on fb at this link. Offer expires so be sure to take advantage before price goes back up then increases in Jan.

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ybff holiday fitness gift guide 2017

Happy Holidays! The YBFF holiday fitness gift guide for 2017 is here and this year it's all about effective and indulgent gift giving with a catch. You're

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healthy eating vs unhealthy diet excuses

Feeling uninspired to cook and eat healthy meals. It's too time consuming, too much work, too expensive, too overwhelming, just too much drama all around?

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sexy body workout routine

To get your sexiest body you need the best workouts but most importantly the right body workout routine! This quick guide with workout examples shows you how to...

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Jingle Balls Workout: Santa's naughty list intervals torture

You been naughty this holiday season with foods? Maybe you've skipped a workout or 3 or 4? Well all you need is Santa's naughty list high intensity interval workout to redeem yourself!! Also known as the jingle balls workout as I explained in ig story yesterday. This 30/30 circuit rocks and can be done up to 3x with...

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HUGE YBFF Black Friday Sale coupon codes

Happy Holiday Season 2017! This year's holiday fitness gifts guide list is short but the YBFF Black Friday sale is HUGE! Take advantage while it lasts

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Curvlicious body workout

Vlogsgiving workout 3 is a curvlicious body workout that includes 10 of the best exercises for a tight toned body with sexy curves but the best thing about this giant circuit is how calming it is. So if you're already high on holiday stress be sure to do this before...

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curvy body shape tips

Best secret tips to sculpt a curvy body shape. 5 tips to shockingly sexy curves on slim figures! Subscriber & Patreon content

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Booty booty booty and boobs workout clip

Check out 3 kickass moves from this 10 exercise circuit that can be done 2 ways in under 24 min. Full workout is on can be repeated 3x this week or combined with last weeks...

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Live video about how patreon works is up

I just went live on instagram to explain how Patreon works and why I'm using it. It will be available to watch for next 24 hours but you do need to be on a device not a desktop :)

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killer legs core back plus intervals vlogsgiving workout!

This killer 20 min. workout targets legs butt core and back with intense full range moves plus high energy intervals too! You can repeat this workout 2-3x per week and we'll do it again along with all the others on week 4 of vlogsgiving 2017!!

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YBFF Before & After Pics and New Vlogsgiving Challenge

These before and after 4 weeks of YBFF workout pics will wow you plus info on the new 4 week Earn It Don't Burn It Vlogsgiving Challenge starting tomorrow is here too!

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Halloween 2017 epic cheap last minute costume ideas

Halloween 2017 came around so fast this year and it's on a Tuesday! This means you'll probably be at all your Halloween parties and events the weekend

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best workout routines

15 of the best workout routines and ALL the best moves for your sexiest figure CUSTOMER ONLY CONTENT

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vlogtober workouts 1-4 are up and

Vlogtober 2017 workouts 1-4 are up and a new one is uploading tomorrow. Get them all free with purchase of YBFF plan or pay $4 to access all 15 workouts and other rewards. Details at or link below

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vlogtober 2017 workouts are ready!

YBFF has 15 total vlogtober workouts for you this year packed with super effective exercises and circuits to get your best figure plus additional downloads each week! Click link for access or more info at YBFF fb and ig

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best body workout routine

When and how to rework your best body workout routine. Quick tips andexercise ideas to help you level up your fitness and body

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butt core metcon workout

The butt core metcon workout zones in on your booty and corset muscles but also works legs, upper body, boosts fat burning, endurance, and flexibility SUBSCRIBER ONLY CONTENT

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intensity workout benefits

Long low intensity workouts vs short high intensity workout benefits. The difference in hikes that compares to long boring gym sessions vs short metcon

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fitness failure

The empowerment and body transformation you get comes from conquering your fitness failure at every

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diet vs exercise

The truth about diet vs exercise is not easy for fitness freaks to accept but these 5 diet truths CAN get you results if you're only 70% of the way...

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sexy booty workout

4 of the best butt exercises for a curvy sexy booty with killer side butt. Wait what the heck is side butt have to do with

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training for vanity over fitness?

We all want to exercise to look better as well as be healthy and fit right? Those goals can be reached together but should they be focused on equally?

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YBFF plan free offer

YBFF plan free with Love Your Booty workouts only plan purchase. This awesome Mother's Day offer is good for the next 24 hours so take advantage of this 2 for 1 of the most popular plans on the site!

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The giveaways page is where you'll find any current freebies and giveaways at your best female figure. All feedback is confidential and private!

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variable intensity interval training

Experts are saying variable intensity interval training is way better for you and as effective as HIIT but how do you do it without...

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healthy breakfast tips

Is your breakfast contributing to your slow metabolism, stubborn fat, low energy, and no fitness results? The healthy breakfast tips you need to fix what's wrong are SUBSCRIBER CONTENT

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side plank exercise

The best side plank exercise and workout tips to get your sexiest femeale figure. Forget the plank hip dips and focus on...

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