best exercise for hourglass figure curves and body type makeover reality check

by monica

If I had to choose the best exercise to burn fat, lose inches around the waist and sculpt sexy hourglass figure curves on ANY body type it would definitely have to be a deep dynamic lunge that involves some type of twisting or chopping movement. There are dozens if not hundreds of versions of this type of move but below are a 3 of my personal favorites plus the top 5 reasons this type of dynamic movement will get you a more sexy hourglass figure type body faster than heavy squatting at the gym.

The 5 reasons this type of movement pattern is so amazing for ALL body types are:

1. The dynamic lunge is so complex that your transversus abdominis (tva for short or corset muscles) really has to contract hard as you are doing it to stabilize your spine and hips which strengthens your natural corset muscles big time and a stronger TVA = a smaller waist.

2. Dynamic lunges really target your gluteus maximus muscle and when you lunge that deep your hamstrings, quads, and all your inner thigh muscles and TVA also have to assist so your entire lower body works but your glutes do a majority of the work which means a fuller curvier booty and sexy hips.

3. Dynamic lunges challenge your balance, coordination, and endurance which forces your body to burn more calories and burn more fat without having to lift gargantuan amounts of weight that bulk your legs or thicken your waist.

4. Dynamic lunges lengthen your hip flexors, rectus abdominis, obliques, and chest and improve spinal extension which allows your corset muscles and glute muscles to work even harder because good posture and good spinal alignment is the key to better core and glute activation that allow your waist to shrink and your booty to get round and full. More examples of dynamic lunges in video below.

5. Dynamic lunges train beautiful dynamic movement patterns vs. linear robotic exercises. Up down front back will only get you so far with your body makeover. If you really want a beautiful body then give your body more dynamic beautiful movement! You're not designed for robotic up down front back movement using super heavy weight (by super heavy I mean 2 to 3 times your body weight). Watch the cool video below to see what I mean. Both dancers in this video have super sexy bodies because they move dynamically.

body type makeover reality check: you CAN NOT change your body type from ruler to hourglass or cone to hourglass or ruler to hourglass unless you get yourself a very gifted plastic surgeon BUT if you learn to train smarter and work with your body type instead of against it you can sculpt a lean toned body with sexy curves that will make you very happy. If you need help with your body type makeover workouts be sure to check out my workout plans: Your Best Female Figure or Love Your Booty. My Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan is almost ready and coming very soon!

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