best diet and workout for weight gain and hips

by BM

Recently, I came across your website and must say it's absolutely amazing plus your story very inspiring; it gave me hope that I can get over my Body Dysmorphic Disorder which I was diagnosed with halfway throughout this year. It stemmed from me struggling with the fact that although since from when I was little I always prayed to but never inherited very wide hips like my mom and sister. Also getting bullied pretty harshly in school added to the sadness. In relation to that, I truly want to thank you for breaking down how to feel confident and reach a positive body image, so as hard as it is right now, it definitely helps me want to strive to just work on myself and stop being jealous and instead admire others.
With that being said, I was just wondering what you think is the best diet and work out plan for me to do? From June of 2013 until now I have been fluctuating between eleven to sixteen pounds underweight, so my primary goal is certainly to gain weight and to keep it there, but also to do exercises that will tone and widen my hip area in a subtle way to look firm, yet naturally soft at the same time. Honestly, I greatly appreciate your wisdom and would be very thankful for your insight, thank you.

Here's a link to a photo of myself:


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Jan 02, 2015
fitness tips for female with a lean hourglass figure
by: monica

Hi BM,

Thanks so much for having the courage to post your question. It's unfortunate that so many women have to experience any of what you mentioned in your post. Society definitely doesn't make it easy for women to feel good about themselves.

The good news is that we all have the power to change that simply by choosing to focus on what makes each of us our very best in our own unique way.

Thanks for including a link to your pic. That helps a lot when offering fitness advice : ) Not sure if anybody's told you this but you have a beautiful natural hourglass figure. You just happen to be the very leanest version of the hourglass which as you know can be a challenge to maintain weight and muscle too.

The best way to gain some weight is to follow the example of healthy meals for hourglass figure (2nd list not 1st list) BUT, adjust your carb and protein intake slightly higher. So maybe one extra portion of protein and 1-2 extra starchy carbs each day in addition to what is already listed on the plan (If you need the entire 44 pg. hourglass eating plan it comes with 3 fitness plans here on the site).

But keep in mind that gaining weight takes consistency and time. A while back when I was filming workouts for bodycon female fitness plan (the fatloss plan I created for ybff site) my weight dipped down to 107 lb which is insanely low for me and I had to start increasing my carb intake to get it back up. It took 2 months of consistently higher carb intake to get back up to about 110-111 lb which is where I feel my best so be patient.

I would also recommend that you only do high intensity fatloss workouts about once a week just to keep from gaining any fat and to boost your endurance and metabolism for life. So focus most of your workout efforts on lower body, back and chest training. I have tons of videos available on youtube or if you need a structured plan then just get started with Love Your Booty plan which comes with all my eating guides plus the original Your Best Female Figure plan and Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan.

If you do buy that package start with 4 weeks of YBFF plan and follow the ruler body type schedule (not the Hourglass because you are very lean Hourglass with ruler type metabolism) After that transition to 4-6 weeks of Love Your Booty also following the ruler schedule and use as much weight as you can handle at a slow tempo then if you feel that you need some Waist cinching try Corset Core for a month because even though that plan targets ab fatloss and waist cinching it also targets the butt heavily for added muscle in the booty/hips.

I hope all this was helpful. If you need any help figuring out your training schedule just post a reply here.

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